President Chodosh quoted in Los Angeles Times on diversity in higher education

President Hiram Chodosh is quoted in today’s Los Angeles Times, in a piece recapping yesterday’s White House summit on college opportunity. Chodosh attended the summit alongside leaders from over 100 other colleges and universities––all of them committing to better college accessibility and affordability for disadvantaged students.

“We have been working on this problem for a long time, but there are still many challenges,” President Chodosh tells Los Angeles Times writer Jason Song.

Read the full story, “Obama encourages economic diversity in higher education.”

Portions of yesterday’s White House summit, which were live-streamed, can be seen on Youtube, here:

President Obama Speaks on Expanding College Opportunity

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks on Expanding College Opportunity

President Chodosh’s participation in the D.C. event also marked the announcement of the College’s new initiative, the Student Imperative, which seeks to raise $100 million for CMC’s endowment, for financial aid resources.

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