Assistant Professor of Mathematics Deanna Needell Assistant Professor of Mathematics Deanna Needell

Space shuttle Columbia launching

Klumpp (cropped) Allan Klumpp '53

Many children have dreams of becoming firefighters, ballerinas, doctors, or teachers, but when Allan Klumpp ’53 was a boy, he wanted to become a mechanical engineer. That boyhood fantasy turned into a career that helped propel the dream of a nation.

Kelsey Heflin, Kayla Nonn, and Qian Zhang

From left, Kelsey Heflin, Kayla Nonn ’15, and Qian Zhang (RDS ’13) joined CMC's Gary Gilbert, along with faculty and students from other Claremont Colleges, Penn State University, Trinity College, and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in the excavation of Tel Akko, located long the Mediterranean coast in northern Israel. From left, Kelsey Heflin, Kayla Nonn ’15, and Qian Zhang (RDS

ghinckley_hirezGreg Hinckley, ’68, COO and President of Mentor Graphics, has been inaugurated as an honorary professor of electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Nottingham at Ningbo, China (UNNC).

Assistant professor of mathematical sciences and computer science Deanna Needell first saw the image of Lena in a computer science class in college. The photo, cropped from a Playboy magazine, shows a young female model with bare shoulders looking seductively at the camera.

“I was literally the only female in this classroom with 30 men,” says Needell. “They open their textbooks and there’s Lena, and all the men start giggling. You just feel like ‘Oh, my gosh, this woman is being materialized (in a textbook)…’ “

RoseAh, yes. Looking up key information about the city or county you live in, even information about its leaders and lawmakers, just got easier.