A view of outdoor seating on campus

A sense of urgency compelled Andrew Bradjan ’22 to join CMC’s sustainability effort shortly after arriving at CMC as a first-year student.

“Climate change is an issue we need to tackle as soon as possible,” said Bradjan, a government and economics major, who works as the CMC Building and Energy Management Intern. “I knew I wanted to join a club or organization that would allow me to promote sustainability on campus because I wanted to make a difference that I could see when I walked around CMC.”

Photo collage of Maddie Hall '14 and Lydia (Yancan) Li '13

Two CMCers made the Forbes Under 30 lists this year. Entrepreneur Maddie Hall ’14 was the featured headliner for the Science List, and investment professional Lydia (Yancan) Li ’13 appeared on the Energy List.

Los Angeles skyline in smog ©Allen.G - stock.adobe.com

Many Angelenos accustomed to traffic congestion will never forget the surreal images of their sprawling city’s vacant freeways and streets. In March of 2020, shortly after Los Angeles County imposed lockdown measures due to the coronavirus outbreak, once-crowded thoroughfares emptied of commuters. Meanwhile, similar scenes played out across the globe, as countries implemented their own lockdowns.

Mary Evans

A new report co-authored by Claremont McKenna College Prof. Mary Evans concludes that the EPA’s support for proposed changes to the Federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) relies on flawed benefit-cost analysis and outdated estimates.

In the report, Evans and five other economists find fault with the EPA’s removal of billions of dollars in co-benefits that result from reduced emissions of fine particulate air pollution under MATS.

The team in Borneo, Malaysia

To best understand the relationship between human activity and the environment in Asia, multiplicity is key. Examining the complexity of infrastructure issues through an environmental lens would yield one type of answer, while looking through the scope of history would yield another. Consider how music or media studies factor into the equation — what might those disciplines reveal about this tête-à-tête? EnviroLab Asia, a Claremont Colleges project, meets this query with a unique cross-disciplinary approach.

Becky Chung at UN conference in Morocco

Given how far she’s come, it’s hard to believe that Becky Chung ’20 didn’t make the Model UN team as a high school freshman.

But it’s there, in black and white, in the journal Chung has faithfully kept for years: I was rejected today for the Model UN.

“I thought to myself, ‘You can reject me now, but I’m going to go much farther and effect actual change,’” Chung said. “It’s funny to think about that now that I’ve done work with the UN.

Prof. Branwen Williams

Watch "Diving Deep Below Arctic Ice to Bring Back Our Ocean’s Skeletons | Best Job Ever" video.

Climate Leadership Summit logo superimposed over a photo of San Gabriel Mountains

Claremont McKenna College has been selected to host the National Campus Leadership Council’s (NCLC) 2016 Climate Leadership Summit on Saturday, April 23, from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

CMC students Sam Becker ’19, Will Su ’16, and Jessica Bass ’17 submitted a proposal nominating CMC as host of the 2016 Climate Leadership Summit. The NCLC, Defend Our Future, and the Environmental Defense Fund then selected CMC to host the only summit on the West Coast.