Soll Center for Student Opportunity


The Soll Center for Student Opportunities houses Career Services, the Robert Day Scholars' program external relations team, and provides dedicated support for our scholar communities with complementary advising, counseling, mentoring, and networking services.

The Center collaborates with faculty, institutes, athletics, global education, and the CARE Center. Together with its partners, the Soll Center helps students recognize, cultivate, and translate their interests and strengths, especially in leadership and complex problem-solving, into meaningful and exciting real-world opportunities: internships, fellowships, graduate and professional programs, and post-graduate employment in business, government, and the professions.

Students are taking advantage of a re-imagined counseling model, organized by interest clusters, along with a first-year counseling program that builds upon the relationships established during the WOA experience. The Center concentrates these programs and resources in a central, accessible place: a remodeled Frazee, across from the Hub. The space was designed with students in mind with open offices, flexible spaces, additional interview rooms, outdoor seating, and an architectural feel that creates a strong connection to campus.

Career Services

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