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At Claremont McKenna College, we believe all of our students should have the opportunity to explore careers and take advantage of experiential learning. We also believe that earlier experiences are more transformative, particularly during the first two years of college. By Junior year, we hope that you will have gained enough knowledge to focus on a particular career sector, so that you have the opportunity to gain valuable career experiences during your Junior summer to help you in your full-time recruitment.

While job shadowing offers a great introduction to different careers, summer internships are the best way to explore a career while developing meaningful skills and experiences. This is why we have developed the CMC Sponsored Internships & Experiences (SIE) Program. Its goal is to encourage quality student experiences across a variety of industries and geographies that facilitate development and growth. The program provides funding for CMC students, particularly in their first and second summers, to pursue domestic and international experiences of 4 to 12 weeks in length. Alumni philanthropy is responsible for the vast majority of SIE funding.  For domestic SIE funding, preference is given to non-profit and government opportunities. For international SIE funding, all opportunities are considered.

We define internships as structured, supervised and lasting a minimum of 8 weeks.

We define experiences as a form of experiential learning lasting a minimum of 4 weeks.

Last summer, a third of all eligible CMC students (including a third of all first-year students) participated in this program.  Over 90% of applicants were funded in 2018 for domestic and international internships, with over 340 students participating with an average stipend of $3700. 

Three reasons why you should consider participating:

  1. Because it is the best way to gain valuable work experience before you graduate.
  2. You can develop valuable skills and experience in finding and securing a job in the workplace.
  3. You can explore a profession or industry before committing full-time.

For more details on the 2019 SIE Program, see the 2019 Sponsored Internships & Experiences Information Brief.

SIE Funding Eligibility

The following Internships are eligible for funding:

  1. All Experiences
  2. All International Internships
  3. All Domestic Internships in:
    • Non-Profit & Social Enterprise
    • Government, Law & Public Policy
    • Medicine, Healthcare & Biotech
    • Science & Environment

There is limited funding for Domestic Internships in the following interest clusters:

  • Creative & Entertainment
  • Technology & Entrepreneurship

Students are encourage to contact Evan Wollen (ewollen@cmc.edu) if they have questions about whether their intended internship/experience is eligible for funding.      

Applying for SIE funding

All application materials must be submitted through a common application on the Sponsored Internships & Experiences portal on FluidReview.com, an online application website. The application portal opened on January 7, 2019.

The application can be found here: https://claremontinternship.fluidreview.com/.

After creating an account, applicants will provide all the necessary documents directly to FluidReview. Materials are not accepted in hard copy or via email. On the application portal, students will be required to submit a recommendation as well as a budget estimating the amount of funding needing to complete their internship. Please note, only one application by each student will be accepted.

Funding Deadline

The Application Deadline for all programs is March 4, 2019.

International Applications are guaranteed a decision by March 30, 2019. Students interning in the developing world will be required to complete the CMC Edge Program powered by Omprakash, an online pre-departure course.

Domestic Applications are guaranteed a decision by April 15, 2019.

What if I have not secured an internship when I apply?

Students do NOT need to have a confirmed internship when applying for funding. If you have not confirmed an internship by the funding deadline, you will be asked to provide proof that you are engaging in the internship search process, including submitting an Internship Search Activity Log (ISAL). An ISAL is an excel spreadsheet which tracks your internship/experience search.  If you have not accepted an internship by the time you apply for SIE funding, you will be asked to complete an ISAL as part of your application.  An ISAL template can be found hereStudents should apply even if they have not confirmed their internship yet.          

Budget Based Funding

SIE funding is budget based, meaning that funding is allocated based on an estimated budget that you provide. Sample budget templates, Sample Budget (International) and Sample Budget (Domestic), are included here for your use. Please use these templates, Sample Budget (International, with compensation) and Sample Budget (Domestic, with compensation), if you expect any form of compensation or salary from your internship employer. Examples of items that should be considered when making your budget include housing costs, airfare, food, local transportation, small incidentals, etc.  Even if you have not accepted an internship yet, you must put together an estimated budget.

Scholar Community Funding

If you are a Scholar Community Student, please click here for additional instructions on accessing your funding. If you have any questions, Mr. Evan H. Wollen (A/Director, SIE Program) holds office hours (TH 9-11 AM, F 1:15-4 pm), 1st Floor, Soll Center for Student Opportunity.  He also can be reached at ewollen@cmc.edu.

Finding an Internship

Career Services has resources available to help you navigate your internship search process and identify internships that you are interested in applying for.  These resources are:

Student Internship Database: The Internship Database is a searchable database of every internship conducted by a CMC student since 2013. You can filter through various internship positions that SIE students have held in the past.  You can access the database here.

Career Coaches: Career coaching at CMC is organized by interest clusters and each Career Coach specializes in a few different cluster areas. If you’d like to talk to a Coach about internships, we encourage you to set up an appointment with the Coach whose interest cluster most closely aligns to your internship interest. Coaching appointments can be made via Handshake

Career Service Mentors: Career Service Mentors can help you prepare your application with cover letter help, resume review, and general application advice. Career Service Mentors are available for walk-in appointments, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm in the Soll Center for Student Opportunity.

Please see the Soll Center for Student Opportunity's Careers Services for Student Page for more internship search advice.  Resource links can be found at the bottom of the page.  For students specifically looking for international internships, two excellent resources are Omprakash and GoinGlobal.

If you are unsure of what interest cluster applies to your internship search, please make an appointment with any Career Coach. If you are a First Year, email Amy Hendrickson (ahendrickson@cmc.edu) for a First Year Coaching appointment.

Accepting an Internship

Once you accept an internship or job offer, either verbally or in writing, an employment contract has been created. This contract represents an obligation that you are ethically required to uphold. Before you say “yes” to an offer, consider your options carefully and ask for more time to make your decision if you need it. You can always take at least 24 hours before accepting a role and use this time to consult with others for advice, including a Career Coach. If you do accept an offer, you have made a commitment to that employer and it is your ethical responsibility to discontinue interviewing with all other employers, including those who come through to campus.  Failure to adhere to your responsibilities may lead to a series of consequences, including the revoking of any SIE funding, revoking of all recruiting privileges (online and in person) at the college, as well as possible further disciplinary action.

Unique Opportunities

The SIE Program encompasses many unique opportunities for CMC students.  The Appel Writing Fellowship supports First-Year students in a purposeful, independent experience that culminates in a meaningful writing project.  The Kravis Leadership Institute and the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights offer partnered internship opportunities for select CMC students.  For a complete list of these unique opportunities, see the CMC Unique Opportunities Page.

SIE APPLICATION: https://claremontinternship.fluidreview.com/.

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