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A Note For SIE Applicants (Updated April 14th)

Thank you for your flexibility regarding the SIE program changes over the last month. We understand that these changes have impacted everyone differently and that this time of transition may be stressful. Our goal is to be here to assist you in any manner possible!

As of April 7th, most 2020 SIE applications have been moved into a new “Supplemental SIE Application” round on SMApply. Exceptions include Appel Fellowship Selectees, some KLI Partnered Selectees, and certain Scholar Community students.  In anticipation that plans may have changed since the original SIE application deadline, we have developed this additional form for you to reconfirm your original offer or provide brief details about your new confirmed plans. Whether you originally submitted an international or domestic application, we ask that applicants complete this supplemental form when they have an offer in hand with which they are ready to move forward.  When you log into your SMApply account, please take care not to inadvertently establish a new SMApply account.  The Supplemental Round tasks will be right in front of you when you log in.

Please note that we will be granting funding on a rolling basis as opportunities are confirmed. We therefore do not want you to rush to fill out the supplemental form if you do not yet have an internship or experience offer. We anticipate allocating funding well into the summer months. Please take the next few weeks to connect with helpful resources, reflect on your current environment, and update the form when you have a clear sense of your funding needs. Please also take into account how the current uncertainty, especially around travel and in-person interaction, may continue to impact opportunities.

A reminder about the recent policy change that CMC and experiential funds, including those supported by institutes and centers, will not sponsor international travel out of the U.S. for Summer 2020.  SIE and experiential funding will only support international opportunities when those opportunities are considered "domestic," meaning in the U.S. or student's home country of residence.

Please see our updated 2020 SIE Program Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information SIE COVID-19 information.

Your Action Steps:

  1. Evaluate your Plan A and consider a Plan B for the summer
  • What if you had to stay where you are right now? Are there opportunities that you could possibly do remotely or locally that require minimal travel?
  1. Seek guidance and help
  • Come and talk to us if you need help brainstorming possibilities or have questions about the process. Please contact Evan Wollen at 816-820-1096 and ewollen@cmc.edu , or Amy Hendrickson at 949-547-4230 and ahendrickson@cmc.edu , for help about your situation. 
  • Faculty, alumni and others in your community may also be good resources for you as you consider various opportunities.
  1. Access your SMApply “Supplemental SIE Application”
  • Only complete this step when you have confirmed plans for your summer and are ready to move forward with the funding process.
  • Confirmed plans mean that you have either accepted an internship or experience offer or have had an offer extended to you that you plan to accept.
  • This step is required for funding, but you should not feel any rush to complete it right now. We would rather you wait until you have confirmed your summer plans.

If you applied to the Appel Fellowship, Creative Works Fellowship or any internships or programs through a CMC research institute or center and haven’t heard from them yet, we encourage you to be in touch with them directly. Also, if you are considering changing the scope or location of your project due to the current circumstances, we recommend you discuss that with your contact at the program, institute or center before submitting your supplemental SIE application.

We hope to make this process flexible for everyone involved and want you to take the necessary time to consider all possibilities as this situation remains very fluid. There are a lot of answers that you might not know right now and that’s okay. Make sure you are also paying attention to any additional updates from the Soll Center for Student Opportunity team. As more opportunities are identified, we will communicate those with you via Handshake postings and emails.

Above all, please know you are not alone! We are hopeful that you will reach out to us to assist you. We are here to help you navigate this process and ensure you have a productive summer, even if it is a little different from your original plans.

SMApply can be accessed at: 2020 CMC SIE Survey Monkey Apply Link.

Thinking of you,

Amy and Evan


Sponsored Internships & Experiences Background Information

At Claremont McKenna College, we believe all of our students should have the opportunity to explore careers and take advantage of experiential learning. We also believe that earlier experiences are more transformative, particularly during the first two years of college. By Junior year, we hope that you will have gained enough knowledge to focus on a particular career sector, so that you have the opportunity to gain valuable career experiences during your Junior summer to help you in your full-time recruitment.

While job shadowing offers a great introduction to different careers, summer internships are the best way to explore a career while developing meaningful skills and experiences. This is why we have developed the CMC Sponsored Internships & Experiences (SIE) Program. Its goal is to encourage quality student experiences across a variety of industries and geographies that facilitate development and growth. The program provides funding for CMC students, particularly in their first and second summers, to pursue domestic and international experiences of 4 to 12 weeks in length. Alumni philanthropy is responsible for the vast majority of SIE funding.  For domestic SIE funding, preference is given to non-profit and government opportunities. For international SIE funding, all opportunities are considered.

We define internships as structured, supervised and lasting a minimum of 8 weeks.  We define experiences as a form of experiential learning lasting a minimum of 4 weeks.  Last summer, 425 CMC students (including a third of all first-year students) participated with an average stipend of $4000. 

Three reasons why you should consider participating:

  1. Because it is the best way to gain valuable work experience before you graduate.
  2. You can develop valuable skills and experience in finding and securing a job in the workplace.
  3. You can explore a profession or industry before committing full-time.

For more details on the 2020 SIE Program (updated with COVID-19 information), see the 2020 SIE Program Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Applying for SIE funding

All application materials must be submitted through a common application on the Sponsored Internships & Experiences portal on Survey Monkey Apply, an online application website. The application portal opened on January 7, 2020.

The application can be found here: 2020 CMC SIE SurveyMonkey Apply Link

After creating an account, applicants will provide all the necessary documents directly to Survey Monkey Apply. Materials are not accepted in hard copy or via email. Please note, only one application by each student will be accepted.

The Application Deadline for all programs is March 2, 2020.

Scholar Community Funding

If you are a Scholar Community Student, please click here for additional instructions on accessing your funding. If you have any questions, Mr. Evan H. Wollen (A/Director, SIE Program) holds office hours (TH 9-11 AM, F 1:15-4 pm), 1st Floor, Soll Center for Student Opportunity.  He also can be reached at ewollen@cmc.edu.

Unique Opportunities

The SIE Program encompasses many unique opportunities for CMC students.  The Appel Writing Fellowship supports First-Year students in a purposeful, independent experience that culminates in a meaningful writing project.  The Kravis Leadership Institute and the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights offer partnered internship opportunities for select CMC students.  Students interested in interning/volunteering internationally are encouraged to use the Omprakash Partner Network in their search.  For a complete list of these unique opportunities, see the CMC Unique Opportunities Page.

Internship Database

The Internship Database is a searchable database of every internship conducted by a CMC student since 2013. You can filter through various internship positions that SIE students have held in the past.  You can access the database here.

Internship Housing Guide

Please see the CMC Internship Housing Guide, which has resources to help you search for housing for your summer internship/experiences.  While useful for any housing search, it has specific sections on Los Angeles, San Francisco/Bay Area, Washington, DC, and New York.  Please note, Claremont McKenna College does not endorse any housing listed in the Guide and does not guarantee the service or quality of service offered.

SIE Budget Guide

As part of you SIE Application, you will have to develop a budget for your internship/experience.  Please see the CMC SIE Budget Guide, which contains tools and tips to help you build a successful budget.


SIE APPLICATION: 2020 CMC SIE SurveyMonkey Apply Link

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