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After Roe: What Happens When You Lose a Constitutional Right

Wed, September 21, 2022
Dinner Program
Mary Ziegler

The reversal of Roe v. Wade is about much more than reproductive rightsso argues Mary Ziegler, a professor of law at U.C. Davis and an expert on the law, history, and politics of reproduction, health care, and conservatism in the United States from 1945 to the present. Understanding what happened to Roe v. Wade shines a light on broader issues of partisanship, the transformation of Supreme Court nominations, and the erosion of democratic norms in the United States.

Professor Ziegler will deliver the Salvatori Center's 2022-23 Lofgren Lecture on American Constitutionalism. 

U.C. Davis Law faculty member Professor Mary Ziegler, one of the world’s leading historians of the U.S. abortion debate, has weighed in for many national and international media outlets since a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion reversing Roe v. Wade came to light in early May 2022.

Ziegler is the author of four books on social movement struggles around reproduction, autonomy, and the law, including Abortion and the Law in America: A Legal History, Roe v. Wade to the Present (Cambridge University Press, 2020), Beyond Abortion: Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Privacy (Harvard University Press, 2018), the award-winning After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate (Harvard University Press, 2015), which won the Harvard University Press Thomas J. Wilson Prize for best first manuscript in any discipline, and Reproduction and the Constitution (Routledge, 2022). Her new book, Dollars for Life: The Anti-Abortion Movement and the Fall of the Republican Establishment, is appearing with Yale University Press in 2022.  

Ziegler is currently working on a history of the nation’s fixation with Roe v. Wade for Yale University Press and editing a comparative volume on the laws of abortion around the world for Elgar Press. 

Ziegler is a graduate of Harvard College (2004) and Harvard Law School (2007). Before coming to U.C. Davis, she was a professor at Florida State University College of Law, where she won several teaching awards. She also was the Daniel P.S. Paul Visiting Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School.

Professor Ziegler will deliver the Salvatori Center's 2022-23 Lofgren Lecture on American Constitutionalism. 

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