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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 | Evening Program
Beyond Bhangra: Punjabi Drumming in Devotional Contexts
Gibb Schreffler

Gibb Schreffler is assistant professor of music and director of ethnomusicology at Pomona College. A scholar engaged in both the contemporary ethnographic and historical study of musical culture, his diverse areas of expertise include the vernacular music and dance of South Asia’s Punjab region, the work-songs of 19th-century American sailors, and the aesthetic practices of Jamaican DJs. His work related to traditional Punjabi drummers appears in numerous journals including Asian Music, South Asian History & Culture, Popular Music & Society, Sikh Formations, and Journal of Punjab Studies.

Professor Schreffler’s Athenaeum performance and presentation is co-sponsored by the Sikh Studies Fund.

View Video: YouTube with Gibb Schreffler