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Conversations with Mexican Elites, the Life of an American Academic

Fri, October 22, 2021
Lunch Program
Roderic Camp

Roderic Camp, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, whose scholarship since 1970 has focused on Mexican elites, explores the fascinating insights and significance of hundreds of interviews, including seven presidents, leading intellectuals, prominent Catholic bishops, influential businessmen, and the officer corps, as an essential means of understanding the evolution of Mexico from a semi-authoritarian political system to an electoral democracy.

Roderic Camp is the Philip McKenna Professor of the Pacific Rim at Claremont McKenna College. He serves as a member of the Advisory Board, Mexico Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, Smithsonian Institution. He is the author of thirty books on Mexico, six of which have been designated by Choice as outstanding academic books, and five books on Latin America. His most recent publications include: Politics in Mexico, The Path of a New Democracy (Oxford University Press, 2019); Mexico, What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford University Press, 2017); The Oxford Handbook of Mexican Politics Mexico (Oxford University Press, 2012); Mexican Political Biographies, 1935-2009 (University of Texas Press, 2011); and The Metamorphosis of Leadership in a Democratic Mexico (Oxford University Press, 2010). He is the recipient of the Order of the Aztec Eagle from the Mexican government, the highest honor it can bestow on a foreigner, for his contributions to Mexico.

Professor Camp will deliver the keynote address for the conference on Mexican politics hosted by the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies.

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