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Debate Night at the Ath: The US should establish a guaranteed living wage

Tue, September 12, 2023
Dinner Program
Yui Kurosawa '26, Cameron Quijada SC '25, and Audrey Strevey PO '25

Nearly 60 years after the War on Poverty was declared, the United States suffered from the highest poverty rate and third highest level of income inequality out of all 34 OECD nations in 2021. Can a guaranteed living wage help, or is it not worth the cost that may be passed down for generations?

Join members of the Claremont Colleges Debate Union for a moderated debate on the resolution: "The US should establish a guaranteed living wage." The audience is invited to interact through heckling, moderated discussion, and a final vote.


Cameron Quijada SC '25 will moderate the debate between Audrey Strevey PO '25 and Yui Kurosawa '26. Kurosawa, Quijada, and Strevey are all Claremont Colleges Debate Union Fellows who lead a wide range of programming including public debates, civic events, and professional communication and leadership training. They are also hosts of the Debate Union podcast, Uncommon Ground, featuring innovative public policy analysis. Kurosawa is one of the top public performers for the Debate Union, participating in panel discussions, presidential debate commentary, and public debates. Quijada was the champion of the largest debate event in the Southwest in 2022. This year, Strevey won the national Social Justice Championship on oceans policy sponsored by the University of Miami. 

The Claremont Colleges Debate Union is a 5C program centered at Claremont McKenna College, and is among the largest and most successful college debating societies in the nation.

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