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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Evening Program
Sex, Lies and Politics in the Early Middle Ages
Yitzhak Hen

Yitzhak Hen will discuss the correspondence between Bishop Chrodobert of Tours and Bishop Importunus of Paris, which reveals a fascinating story of episcopal enmity, sex scandals, and political alliance in the Merovingian kingdoms of the seventh century.

Yitzhak Hen is the Anna and Sam Lopin Professor of History at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, where he teaches late antique and early medieval history. An expert on religious and cultural history of the early medieval West, he is interested in the intellectual and religious culture of the post-Roman Barbarian kingdoms of Western Europe and devotes part of his research to the examination of early medieval manuscripts, and to the study of early medieval liturgy in its cultural, social, and religious context.

Hen is the author of Culture and Religion in Merovingian Gaul, AD 481-751 (1995), The Sacramentary of Echternach (1997), The Royal Patronage of Liturgy in Frankish Gaul (2000), and Roman Barbarians: The Royal Court and Culture in the Early Medieval West (2007). He co-edited The Uses of the Past in the Early Middle Ages (2000), The Bobbio Missal: Liturgy and Religious Culture in Merovingian Gaul (2004), among many others. 

Professor Hen's Athenaeum talk is facilitated by a Mellon Visiting Scholar grant.