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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Evening Program
The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in the Age of Global Christianity
Jonathan Strom

Jonathan Strom, professor of church history and associate dean of faculty and academic affairs at the Chandler School of Theology at Emory University, will examine the legacy of the Reformation from several key perspectives including scripture, freedom, tolerance, and the rise of global Protestantism and seek to contextualize this with the decline of confessional Protestantism in North America and the growth of Protestantism globally.

Jonathan Strom's work focuses on the history of religion in Germany, with particular attention to the interrelation of theology and culture, the emergence of the Protestant clergy, lay revival movements, and conversion. He is author most recently of German Pietism and the Problem of Conversion and was co-editor of the new Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions. His current book project is a cultural history of the priesthood of all believers.

Strom’s research interests include pietism in continental Europe, the history of the Protestant clergy, and the emergence of modern forms of piety and religious practice. He has written widely on the clergy, lay religion, and reform movements in post-Reformation Germany, and is the author/editor of three books, most recently Pietism and Community in Europe and North America, 1650-1850 (Brill, 2010). Strom is currently at work on two projects, one on conversion narratives in German pietism and another on the history of the common priesthood.

View Video: YouTube with Jonathan Strom

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Evening Program
Penguins, Antarctica, and Global Warming
Ron Naveen

Ron Naveen, president and founder of Oceanites which sees and tracks climate change through an Antarctic lens, is one of the world’s foremost experts on monitoring, detecting, and analyzing environmental changes, most particularly, regarding the impact of climate change on penguin populations in the vastly warmed Antarctic Peninsula.

Ron Naveen believes that penguins are indicators of ocean change and, ultimately, sentinels of change. Since 1994, the Oceanites’ Antarctic site inventory has been monitoring and analyzing penguin and seabird population changes across the vast Antarctic Peninsula, where it’s warming faster than anywhere else on earth except the Arctic. Working with collaborative partners, The Lynch Lab at Stony Brook University, Penguin Lifelines at the University of Oxford (UK), and One Oceans Expeditions (Canada), Oceanites represents the world’s only nonprofit, publicly supported Antarctic research program. Oceanites is the only project monitoring the entire Antarctic Peninsula region — analyzing change across the warming Antarctic Peninsula and  interpreting, translating, and decoding why what happens in Antarctica—to its penguins, wildlife, land, ice, and surrounding Southern Ocean—affects all of us.

Mr. Naveen's Athenaeum talk is co-sponsored by the Roberts Environmental Center and the Gould Center for Humanistic Studies, both at CMC.