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Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday, February 09, 2018 - Special Program
Free Speech on Campus

Free speech is once again the center of debate on college campuses. At several colleges, including at CMC, speakers have been shut down by protests for what was deemed offensive speech. There are increasing demands, as colleges strive to become more inclusive, to prohibit disrespectful, offensive or hateful speech. Critics worry that such efforts threaten freedom of thought on campus. What is the place of free speech in higher education? Are there limits to what sort of speech colleges and universities can tolerate given their commitment to scholarly inquiry, civil discourse and an inclusive community? Can we balance robust free inquiry with a sense of community? Three panels throughout the day will take up such questions in thinking about the place of free speech in higher education. 

Panel I: 9 am-10:15 am
Is Free Speech Central to Higher Education?
Damon Linker, The Week/University of Pennsylvania
Lily Geismer, CMC
Peter Schuck, Yale Law School
Steven Hayward, Berkeley

Panel 2: 10:25 am-11:40 am
Contemporary Challenges
Diana Selig, CMC
John Tomasi, Brown University
Peter Eliasberg, ACLU
Daniel Farber, Berkeley Law

Lunch/Student Panel: 12:35 pm-1:35 pm
Student Presentation of Campus Survey on Free Speech
Romi Ferder, CMC ‘20
Charles Harris, CMC ‘19
Sophia Helland, CMC ‘20
Joseph Noss, CMC ‘20

Panel 3: 2:30 pm-3:45 pm
Liberal Education and Free Speech
Mark Blitz, CMC
Aurelian Craiutu, Indiana University
Roosevelt Montas, Columbia University
Susan McWilliams, Pomona College 

The Free Speech on Campus conference is sponsored by the Salvatori Center in collaboration with Berkeley Law.

To sign up for the lunch please visit the Salvatori Center event page.

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