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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - Evening Program
21st Century: Markets, Politics, and Livelihoods at the Mercy of Tweets
Student Panelists from Claremont Radius, The Student Life, and The Claremont Independent

Markets ebb and flow according to Trump's twitter posts, protests are organized through social media, and cameras nestled in each of our pockets are powerful broadcasting tools capturing everything from poorly chosen words and errant—or downright bad—behavior to war time atrocities and police aggression. Social media sites have massive potential to spread information—be it real or “fake news." A panel of student representatives from the Claremont Radius, The Student Life, and The Claremont Independent will discuss how these massive for-profit sites alter our lives, our governance, and how college students can leverage their existence.

Multiple private corporate entities vie for our attention and serve as catalysts both for powerful grassroots movements and for debilitating echo chambers. With more and more Americans receiving their news from these sites, private companies have amassed the ability to algorithmically alter our moods, opinions, and even conceptions of the world around us.

The Claremont Radius along with The Student Life and The Claremont Independent will explore the ethics and potential of this new era of information and human communication. Through a collaborative effort, these student groups aim to provide a comprehensive discussion of the issues relevant not only to markets, politics, and livelihoods, but also to personal lives, at the mercy of tweets.

The panelists will cover many related topics including the importance of face to face communication, the potential and danger of online politics, the role of corporations in influencing both social and political movements through these channels, and the changing nature of information, politics, and our daily lives.