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Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday, February 15, 2019 - Special Program
Conceptual Foundations of Investing
Brad Cornell

Brad Cornell, professor emeritus of financial economics at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management, will examine three conceptual foundations of investing developed by three Nobel prize winners: Eugene Fama, Joseph Stiglitz, and William Sharpe. It turns out that their ideas are not only important for academic research but also have significant implications for individual investors. They also provide insights into the operation of financial markets that will surprise even students of finance.

Brad Cornell is professor emeritus of financial economics at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management and has been involved in a number of challenging assignments that involve the application of finance theory. He was appointed by AT&T to be their cost of capital expert for the company's entry into the local telephone business nationwide. He also was asked to serve as the valuation expert for the California Office of Ratepayer Advocates regarding the proposed merger of Pacific Telesis and SBC Communication.

Cornell’s research applies financial economic models of incomplete information to the problem of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity. He has published several articles and is finishing a book on this topic.

Cornell received his Ph.D. in financial economics, his M.A. in statistics, and his A.B. in physics, philosophy and psychology, all from Stanford University.

Professor Cornell's Athenaeum presentation and event is hosted by the CMC Student Investment Fund and co-sponsored by Financial Economics Institute at CMC.

NOTE: The schedule for this event is as follows: Reception at 5 pm, dinner at 5:30 pm, presentation at 6:15 pm, Q & A at 7 pm.

View Video: YouTube with Brad Cornell