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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wednesday, April 03, 2019 - Special Program
Dinner Theater: Nooses Off
Written by Don Zolidis; performed by Under the Lights

An amateur theater company's whodunit hurtles towards opening night—but the real mystery is whether the cast and crew can get this disaster to curtain call. It won't be easy when the costume designer is bent on revenge, the actors are wrapped up in a revolving door of showmances, one suitcase plays the role of nine, and the playwright won't admit that "And Then There Were None" might owe a little something to Agatha Christie. The best seat in the house is backstage on opening night in this full-throttled homage to Michael Frayn's classic comedy.

Directed by Max Fine '21 and assistant directed by Nandini Mittal ’22, the cast includes Henry Minervini '19, Namrata Dev ’19, Timothy Song '19, Jake Hudson-Humphrey '19, Jahnavi Kocha CMC'19, Brian Luna ’19, Bryan Williams '21, Claudia Taylor '21, Mimi Thompson '21, Shanil Verjee '21, Salomé Lefort '21, Abelino Fernandez Leger '22, Matthew Hines '22, Katherine Mayer SCR'19 and McKayla Cox SCR'21.