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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - Evening Program
MASS MEDIA. Then and Now. Old and New. A Generational Perspective.
Kendyl Klein '14 and Jeff Klein '75

The world of marketing, media, and communications has been entirely disrupted. Gone is the era when newspapers, broadcast television, and magazines set the agenda and were society’s info gatekeepers. Today, social media, smart phone news alerts, and 24/7 newscasts bombard us with conflicting information—and misinformation. The world of “Mad Men” has been replaced by “influencers.” Father-daughter CMC duo, Jeff Klein ’75, a long time media executive and Kendyl Klein ’14, a new media strategist, represent the generational shift in the mass media landscape and will discuss the fast-paced digital landscape, how mass media has changed and the implications for brand management, advertising, and society in general. 

Jeff Klein ’75 studied political science and psychology at CMC and has served on the CMC Board of Trustees since 2010. A long-time media executive, lawyer, writer, and communications professor, Klein was a senior executive at the LA times for 15 years and is the founder of a B2B multimedia company. He is also a columnist and a lecturer.

Kendyl Klein ’14, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of CMC, majored in media studies and is an expert in digital content strategy, audience development, social media, and client services. Since graduation, she has worked as a strategist at AT&T’s Fullscreen, a social-first, digital content company that provides creative, strategy, marketing, and even production services for digital creators and brand clients, including national brands such as Mattel, NBCUniversal and GE. She is now the manager of market intelligence and analytics at Barstool Sports in New York City.