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Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019 - Lunch Program
Can Russian-American Relations Be Fixed? Lessons from History
Ivan Kurilla

The accusation that Russia seeks to undermine American democracy has captured a lot of attention lately. But according to Ivan Kurilla, professor of international relations at European University in St. Petersburg and author of the book “Frenemies”, this story is not new. There are many examples in the history of this bilateral relationship that reflect a mutual distrust and the suspicion of interference and disrespect of each others values and interests. “Frenemies” for decades, Kurilla will demonstrate how both countries are constantly reinventing images of each other, and mainly using them to fight their domestic battles and to advance a specific political agenda at home.


Ivan Kurilla, Doctor of Sciences, is professor of international relations at European University in St. Petersburg. Kurilla’s major research area is the history of U.S. – Russian relations; he has also conducted research on the problems in the use of history, historical memory, historical politics, and role of historians in contemporary Russia.

Kurilla has authored five books including most recently History: Past in the Present (EU Press, 2017) and Frenemies: History of Opinions, Fantasies, Contacts, Mutual (Mis)understanding between Russia and the USA (NLO, 2018). He has also published numerous articles in leading Russian and international journals, including Journal of American History, Nationalities Papers, Demokratizatsiya, Journal of the Cold War Studies, and Problems of Post-Communism. 

Professor Kurilla’s Athenaeum presentation is sponsored by the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies at CMC.

Friday, November 22, 2019 - Evening Program
Theatre in the Round: CHECK PLEASE
Under the Lights

Dating can be hard. Especially when your date happens to be a raging kleptomaniac, or your grandmother's bridge partner, or a mime. Check Please follows a series of blind dinner dates that couldn't get any worse—until they do. Could there possibly be a light at the end of the tunnel? Based on a play by Jonathan Rand, CMC's Under the Lights will perform this one-act play in the round. 

Directed by Brian Luna '20, the cast includes Diya Courty-Stephens '23 as Pearl & Louis, Sadie Fisher '20 as Melanie, Matthew Hines '22 -as Brandon & Mark, Max Jackman '23 as Tod, Hannah Lak SC '23 as Linda & Mimi, Drew Liptrot PC '22 as Guy, Nandini Mittal '22 as Mary & Sophie, and Alessia Zanobini '23 as Girl. The tech crew includes Amari Huang '23, Grace Soleil Lyde SC' 23.

This special production will be performed on two consecutive nights. Seating is limited to 90 people, in the round, around the stage.