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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday, February 04, 2021 - Evening Program
How American Journalism Created and Sustained National Myths
Graham Lee Brewer

Graham Lee Brewer, associate editor for Indigenous affairs at High Country News and a member of the Cherokee Nation, will discuss how the long-time, intentional misrepresentations of Indigenous peoples in legacy media historically has helped solidify stereotypes and myth pillars of Indigenous communities, as well as shape the country's perceptions of what it means to be Native.

Photo credit: Dylan Johnson

Graham Lee Brewer is an associate editor for Indigenous affairs at High Country News (“HCN”) and a regular contributor to NPR and the New York Times. A member of the Cherokee Nation, Brewer's work in recent years has focused on representative and placed-based reporting on Indigenous communities. He helped build HCN's Indigenous affairs desk, which has been recognized with multiple awards for its coverage of Indian Country, and his work has appeared in The Guardian, the Marshall Project, BuzzFeed and Teen Vogue. Brewer also serves on the board of directors for the Native American Journalists Association, where he has helped create reporting guides and workshops on how to ethically and responsibly write about and for Indigenous communities.

Photo credit: Dylan Johnson