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Will the Harvard/UNC Cases at the Supreme Court Transform U.S. Higher Education?

Wed, April 12, 2023
Dinner Program
Richard Sander

In October 2022, the Supreme Court heard challenges to the admissions systems at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. Most legal observers expect the Court will make a broad ruling substantially restricting the use of race as an admissions factor in American higher education. If this happens, how will universities and state legislatures react? How will this affect minority student outcomes and the national debates on race? These and other related questions will be examined by prominent scholar on affirmative action, Richard Sander, an economist and a Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA.

(This event was originally scheduled for March 21, 2023.)

Richard Sander, holds the Jesse Dukeminier Professorship in Law at UCLA. An economist and law professor, he has taught at UCLA since 1989 and also serves at the director of the UCLA-RAND Center for Law and Public Policy.

Most of Sander's work draws on both law and social science to understand problems of social inequality and evaluate social policies. He is the author of two books: Moving Toward Integration (Harvard, 2018), which attempts to explain the complex evolution of housing segregation in America, the effects of fair housing laws, and the paths to desegregation; and Mismatch (Basic Books, 2012), which examines the paradoxical and often counterproductive effects of many current affirmative action policies in higher education, suggests a better path to diversity, and describes the barriers to reform.

An unpaid, informal advisor to the plaintiffs in the Harvard/UNC cases during the early stages of those cases, Sander also collaborates with judges and scholars to study innovative ways to simplify litigation and to evaluate the results of reforms —an approach that has gained a good deal of traction in recent years.

(This event was originally scheduled for March 21, 2023.)


Food for Thought: Podcast with Richard Sander

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