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The Young and The Restless: A Deep Dive into Investigating the World’s Largest Group of People, India's Millennials

Wed, February 23, 2022
Dinner Program
Vivan Marwaha '17

India is one of the youngest countries in the world and its generation of millennials make up for over 400 million people. This is the largest generation of people in the world. So, asks Vivan Marwaha '17, the author of What Millennials Want: What do Indian millennials want? What are their economic aspirations and their social views? Most importantly, what makes them tick? Their choices and answers will not only determine the local, regional, and national trajectory of India, but also cast pivotal consequences on global economics. 

In his debut book, What Millennials Want, Vivan Marwaha ’17, documents the aspirations and anxieties of 400 million young people scattered across more than 30,000 kilometers in 13 Indian states. Combining an expansive dataset along with personal anecdotes, he narrates an intimate biography of India's millennials, investigating their attitudes towards sex, marriage, employment, religion, and politics.

A 2017 graduate of Claremont McKenna College, Marwaha is a user researcher who works on technology projects in emerging markets. A millennial himself, he cares deeply about understanding India and its future through its youth.

He has lived and worked in New Delhi, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Buenos Aires, and has written for the Washington Post, New Statesman, Mint, and Times of India, among other publications.


View Video: YouTube with Vivan Marwaha '17


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