CARE Center Fellow Job Description and Application

Position Overview

The CARE Center seeks to hire students to serve as CARE Center Fellows. Students are responsible for supporting the daily operations of the Center during and after business hours, managing administrative tasks, serving on various CARE Center committees, planning and executing programming that is consistent with the mission of CARE.

We are seeking students who are passionate about building community and fostering dialogues across difference. Applicants must be committed to fostering a supportive campus environment that values multiple identities, viewpoints and perspectives. As part of the role, Fellows will be responsible for facilitating events and programs related to identity, equity, inclusion, community building and wellness. Additionally, all fellows are expected to serve on at least one CARE Center Fellow committee. This appointment is for the entire academic year, and requires ongoing staff development training relating to diversity and inclusion throughout employment including The CARE Center mandatory staff retreat and training September 9-10, 2022.

CARE Center Fellow Requirements

Must be an enrolled student of CMC in good academic and disciplinary standing. Desirable candidates should demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, punctuality, and organizational skills. They must demonstrate the ability to complete task assigned in a timely manner and work both individually and within team settings. Flexibility is essential for this position. Successful candidates should demonstrate an awareness of inclusion and social justice related issues and/or a willingness to expand their capacity in this regard. Those chosen contribute directly to making our campus a more inclusive community, and serve as ambassadors for CARE and the Dean of Students Office. All students are welcome to apply.

Job Duties

  • Planning and executing at least one program a semester as well completing pre and post self-assessment and administering assessment survey to attendees.
  • Serving on one CARE Center Fellow Committees.
  • Attending CARE Center Fellow staff training, bi weekly staff meetings and professional development opportunities.
  • Participating in CARE Center mid-year check in and exit interview as required.
  • Attend large-scale events hosted by CARE (PEER Conference, Open House etc.).
  • Staffing the CARE center, and managing administrative responsibilities including but not limited to: enforcing ID card check ins for tracking purposes, greeting visitors, answering phones, data entry, making photocopies, assisting Dean of Students staff with providing access and tracking usage of CARE Center spaces including the conference room and offices.
  • Fostering outreach with various campus and community partners.
  • Supporting and partnerships with student organization leaders in planning and executing programs.
  • Carrying out other duties, as assigned.

Highlighted Leadership Development Skills Acquired From the Role

  • Increased cultural competence and understanding
  • Active listening and interpersonal skills
  • Facilitation and public speaking skills
  • Increased skills to work across diverse groups, identities and perspectives
  • Improved dialogue skills for engaging in politically, socially polarizing and complex topics
  • Improved conflict management skills
  • Event planning skills
  • Increased awareness of campus and consortium resources
  • Customer service skills

CARE Center Operating Hours

Sunday-Friday 9:00am-12:00am Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

Number of Hours: 4-10 per week on average, additional hours may be available depending on availability and need.

Salary: $15.00 per hour (This position is open to all and not limited to work study students.) Apply by emailing

CARE Fellow Info Session: Become a CARE Fellow for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Attend the info session on Thursday, February 24 at 4pm in the CARE Center or view the recording.

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