CARE Center Resources and Services

Textbook Loan Program

The CARE Center in partnership with ASCMC’s Campus Improvements Committee provides donated textbook loans to current CMC students. The program, which starts the first week of the semester helps students access donated textbooks free of charge for the current semester. This initiative launched in an effort to support students who may face challenges with book affordability or simply looking to save money to navigate rising textbook expenses. Each year students and faculty donate to the library allowing fellow peers to access this resource. If you have a textbook used in the current course catalog you’d like to donate to the Textbook Loan Program or have questions, please contact Seyha Klam at

Space Reservation

Students, faculty, staff, and college partners are welcome to reserve the CARE Center spaces for meetings and events.

Other Services

The CARE Center provides services and support for all students. The goal is to give students a bridge to CMC and The Claremont Colleges Services to address barriers to student success.

  • CARE Provides supplemental mental health counseling to students three days a week in the center.
  • The Queer Resource Center, Office of Black Student Affairs, Student Disability Resource Center, Chicano/ Latino Resource Center, and the Chaplains Office each rotate drop in office hours within the center on a semester basis so students can connect with the external resources that each office provides.
  • Additional services include academic advising in conjunction with The Center for Public Writing Discourse, Financial Aid advising, The Center for Global Education, The Soll Center for Student Opportunity, Title IX Support, individual advocacy and support.
  • Students have opportunities to connect with faculty through programming and regular office hours and receive daily support and mentorship from the CARE Center staff.