Success Consultants

Success Consultants are here to help develop strategies and approaches with you to achieve your goals at CMC.

Meet with us to talk through time management and organization, overcoming procrastination and test anxiety, efficient reading and note-taking, and exam prep. We can also help with goal-setting and habit-building, streamlining workflow, sleep management, stress-tolerance and coping skills, and healthy living.


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Santiago David
Santiago David ’20
Major: Psychology with a Leadership Sequence

Talk to me about psychology, time and stress management, organization, and life balance

Hi everyone! I'm Santiago. Growing up, I moved from Colorado, to Mexico, to Claremont, to South Bend, Indiana, and ultimately back here to Claremont. You can typically find me hosting campfires and cooking s'mores with strangers, doing research, or watching and playing sports. In my spare time I am a Psych major with the goal of becoming a Sport Psychologist. I'm a big fan of meeting new people so feel free to come talk to me about anything listed above, or if you simply just want to chat! Looking forward to getting to know you and helping make the college experience as best and successful as it can be!

Uddhav Gupta
Uddhav Gupta ’21
Major: Economics-Accounting & Psychology

Talk to me about econ, math, psychology, research & organizational tech tools

Hey! My name is Uddhav Gupta; I study Economics-Accounting and Psychology. While I’m originally from India, home has been Indonesia - the land of beaches and islands - growing up. When I’m not in class, you’ll see me rehearsing as part of the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company, researching at the Kravis Leadership Institute, enjoying some great food and a talk at the Athenaeum, or simply indulging in a good TV show. Other interests include travelling, finding the best restaurants around, playing the piano, reading, and photography. I also love trying new things - this semester, it’s sailing at Newport Beach on Sundays!

Kelly Keene
Kelly Keene ’21
Major: Neuroscience

Talk to me about creating a study guide, research, student-athletes & sciences

Hey! My name is Kelly Keene and I'm from Seattle, Washington, aka the promise land for Starbucks and rainy days. Although I'm a big fan of the So-Cal life, I still miss the greenery and necessity for rain jackets back home. When I'm not studying you can usually find me in the gym greeting you at the front desk or practicing with the CMS Women's Basketball team (sco 'Nas!). As a self-described nature enthusiast, I love everything and anything outdoors -- come on one of my trips for Outdoor Initiative if you're looking for a great way to distress and make some memories! Also, I strongly believe dogs are one of the best things on earth, so please feel free to show me all the photos of your pups. Transitioning to college can be difficult for anyone and I am eager to help other students ease that transition. Whether it's organization, study skills, writing, research, distressing, or what-have-you I am happy to help! Let's meet and see what we can come up with to make your college academic experience the best it can be.

Mitchell Kirsch
Mitchell Kirsch ’21
Major: Psychology & Studio Art

Talk to me about growth mindset, life balance, stress tolerance & student-athletes

Salutations! I live in Berger Hall (come check out my weekly quotes posted outside room 316B for some motivation and wisdom). I am a sleep enthusiast (9 hours a night baby!!), vegetable consumer, and love Psychology and Art (my majors). If I am not in my room reading about psychology, you can probably find me walking around campus without shoes or working on my jump shot in Roberts. By the way, I am growing out my hair for a year because I am all about that growth mindset! I would love to talk to you about taking pride in mistakes, befriending stress, ways to balance school and sleep, and so much more!

Jeremy Lahr
Jeremy Lahr ’22
Major: Mathematics

Talk to me about reducing stress, organizational skills, mental health, and chemistry

Hey everyone! My name is Jeremy Lahr. I'm from Danville, California, a small town in the Bay Area, so I'm definitely a Cali boy at heart. I love activities that get my adrenaline rushing, such as riding roller coasters and zip-lining, and I also play the cello. Also, if you're a fan of Big Brother, we will be friends instantly.

Having said all of this, I do not want this to be all about me; my priority is you and making sure that your time here at CMC is the best it can be. I love analyzing complex scenarios and problem-solving, so no matter what challenge you may be having, I will always do my best to help you through it. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Kelly Lyons
Kelly Lyons ’21
Major: Science Management & Public Health

Talk to me about note-taking, organization, time management & test-taking strategies

Hey y’all! I’m studying Science Management and Public Health/Health Ethics (so a nice spread of just about everything). I call Houston, Texas home, but I am loving my time here in SoCal. On campus, you can often find me trying to speed walk in heels to a meeting for SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting or hanging out in Beckett Lounge. I love crime tv, good mac-n-cheese, and traveling!

I had an untraditional high school experience that helped me develop skills and strategies to better organize myself and take advantage of opportunities in the less-structured environment of college. I’m looking forward to helping students customize our tips and tricks to fit their college experience. I am really excited to be working with the team to help students not only be more successful academically but have more time to explore all the opportunities at CMC!

Nandini Mittal
Nandini Mittal ’22
Major: Economics & Philosophy

Talk to me about productivity tools, time management, checklists & color-coding

Hi! I’m Nandini, Dini for short, and I’m dual-majoring in Economics and Philosophy, potentially with a Leadership Studies Sequence. The booming field of Behavioral Economics is one I’m increasingly passionate about, as one with prevalence and a variety of outlets across the public and private sector. I lived and attended an international school a mere 20-hour-flight away in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand but have loved building my second home here in Claremont. As someone who is used to the three seasons of ‘hot, hotter, and hottest’ back home, you can recognize me as the one student in a sweater during peak summer in Southern California!

I’ve been able to dip my toes into working with Kravis Lab to learn about social entrepreneurship and impact, acting and directing with Under the Lights, furthering international student outreach with I-Connect, among a multitude of other opportunities this campus has to offer. I’m a huge foodie and enjoy baking, I play the piano, dabble in photography, and love the water--whether that’s a pool or the ocean! I’m more than happy to chat about anything from organizational tips (for your work or your room) to stress/balance management to navigating extracurriculars or campus culture; I look forward to meeting you!

Skyler Sallick
Skyler Sallick ’21
Major: International Relations

Talk to me about organization, research, time management & healthy habits!

Hello! My name is Skyler and I am majoring in International Relations. I grew up in New England and am very much a “New Englander,” but California has definitely become my home (much to my family’s chagrin!). I love to think critically about the balance between innovative technology’s rich potential and its ability to have a negative impact on society. Throughout high school and into college, I have worked on a variety of projects, doing both education-based and policy-based research, that have explored technology’s ability to function productively within society. Outside of school, I love to sail with my family and spend time in the sun. I am also very passionate about dogs, particularly my wiener dog, Peaches! On campus, if I’m not talking to someone about tech policy or outside with my friends, I am probably listening to a podcast. More so than anything, I absolutely love to learn. However, learning how to learn is not as simple as going to class, and that was something I spent a lot of time figuring out. Planning, organizing, researching, reading, and writing are things that I have learned to love and have helped me learn how to learn. Come chat with me and we can figure out what will work best for you!

Anita Shenoi
Anita Shenoi ’20
Major: International Relations

Talk to me about being a transfer, deciding a major, internship apps, and finding your school/social balance!

Hello! My name is Anita and I’m majoring in International Relations. I transferred to CMC my sophomore year and found the best community I could have asked for! It took a while to navigate all the resources we have here, but now that I've found them, I am consistently supported through the ups and downs of college life. I try to plan my weeks with a good balance of studying, spending time with my friends, exploring nearby hiking trails, and working with the clubs & orgs I am a part of, especially Advocates and the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network. It’s sometimes difficult to prioritize time for myself during academically-demanding weeks, but it keeps my stress levels manageable and allows me to be productive and do the things I love! Come chat with me and we can figure out the best way for you to engage with opportunities at CMC!

John Soranno
John Soranno ’21
Major: Economics

Talk to me about economics, scheduling & time management

Hi everyone, I am John Soranno and I am majoring a little niche major called Economics. I am a born and raised Minnesotan and the only Minnesotan on campus who will say that they did not come here because of the weather. I miss the cold. I am a big skier and love spending time in the mountains, whether it’s driving around in the local ones or trekking up to Mammoth for a ski weekend.

Throughout both high school and college, I have worked with a lot insightful educators who have helped me form my habits and I l am looking forward at the opportunity to share some of them with you as well.

Georgia Wood
Georgia Wood ’21
Majors: Government and Psychology

Talk to me about study tips, getting organized, and using a planner

Hi! My name is Georgia and I am studying Government and Psychology with the hopes of profiling criminals for the FBI after attending law school! I’m a born and raised New Jersey girl, which you can usually guess the second I start talking, but have been living in Anaheim for the past few years. On campus, you’ll see me throwing spears, discs, and cannon balls for CMS Track and Field or presenting closing arguments with the mock trial team.

In my free time, I’m usually working at Roberts reffing intramural sports games or yelling at the TV during a hockey game (Go Kings Go!). I used to be a Biology major and completed half of the requirements before reprioritizing my goals for after college. So, if you’re struggling with finding your passions, I’d love to help you out and share how I was able to make these new decisions! Come say hi if you’d like to discuss study tips, getting organized, using a planner, or how the Kings can win a game and not be last in the Pacific division!