2021-2022 CMC Mental Health Resources

We recognize the variety of challenges that these current times bring with them, and are here to support you in every way that we can. Even as we are excited about the upcoming return to campus, we are aware that it will also bring with it apprehension and transition. With all of the changes over the last year, and the forthcoming shifts, we acknowledge that identifying care may feel a little more overwhelming than usual. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time for some help with navigating the best option for you.

Therapy and Psychiatry
24/7 Resources



Therapy and Psychiatry

  • Monsour will be available for ongoing appointments for students, using a new model as of the 2020-2021 academic year. They will hold 20-25 minute virtual initial intake assessments and then either offer to see a student at Monsour for brief therapy, or they will refer out to someone in the community if a student needs longer-term or more specialized care than they can offer.
  • Psychiatry will be available to students through either Monsour or 7C Health. Students are asked to contact Monsour (909.621.8202) to discuss which option is best. If a student is not currently taking medication, they should expect to need a referral through their private therapist or a Monsour therapist.
  • NEW! As of Fall 2021, all 7C students are able to access ongoing, scheduled counseling through 7C Health. Students will receive 12 free sessions, after which they will be charged a fee of $79/session. Students can register by going to 7C Health and using their @cmc.edu email address. Please contact Jess Neilson (jneilson@cmc.edu) for questions or for help with this process.
  • DOS will offer supplemental therapy as they have in the past, with an 8-session limit. This resource may be virtual or in-person and can be accessed by contacting counseling@cmc.edu.
  • Case management services are always available for referrals to therapy and other forms of support. Jess Neilson will meet with students and help them identify their individual needs, navigate insurance and talk through the therapy process. We will also have a Case Management Graduate Assistant for the year, who will assist with this.



  • CMC is offering a Grief Support Group for those students who have lost someone and would like to understand more about grief and process their experiences with others. This will be held virtually on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm (starting Feb. 2nd) and led by local therapist, Marry Ortega. All CMC students are welcome to attend. Please contact counseling@cmc.edu or info@arccounselingandwellness.com for more information and a link to attend.
  • Monsour will be holding a variety of groups and workshops this semester:
    • Spring 2022 Virtual Groups (see link for times and scheduling information)
      • Understanding Self and Others
      • Students of Color Group
      • Grief Support Group
      • Women’s Group
    • Spring 2022 Virtual Workshops (see link for times and scheduling information)
      • Assertiveness & Empowerment
      • Art for Coping with Anxiety
      • Understanding and Overcoming the Imposter Phenomenon
      • International Student Coffee Hour
      • The Happiness Trap
      • Recovering From Relationship Trauma
      • Defeating Procrastination
      • Yoga for Stress Relief
  • Biweekly Neurodiversity Drop-In Hour / Thursdays 11am-12pm
    • Feb. 3, 17
    • March 3, 24
    • April 7, 21
    • May 5



  • Drop-in hours are meant for students who may not necessarily want or need ongoing counseling, but would like to “drop in” and speak with a therapist every now and then, or even just once. This may be appropriate if you are experiencing a particularly difficult day or week, or want to get a feel for what it might be like to speak with a therapist before making the decision to schedule with one, regularly.
  • See below for this semester’s current virtual drop-in sessions. In order to take advantage of these times, you must RSVP prior to the drop-in time frame in order to receive the link to meet with a therapist.


24/7 Resources

  • ProtoCall, our 24/7 phone service. A therapist can be reached on the phone by calling 909.621.8202 and pressing 1 after hours.
  • Talk Now via 7C Health: On-demand video therapy is available for students who are looking to speak with a licensed professional in-the-moment. While Talk Now is accessible through the same portal as the 7C Health scheduled counseling option, the Talk Now resource is free and unlimited and does not affect the scheduled counseling 12-session limit.



  • Case management services are always available for referrals to therapy and other forms of support. Jess Neilson (jneilson@cmc.edu) and this year’s Case Management Graduate Assistant will meet with students and help them identify their individual needs, navigate insurance and talk through the therapy process. Please note, it is the responsibility of the student, and not Claremont McKenna College, to evaluate any treatment provider to support each student’s success.
  • Along with the addition and expansion of other mental health supports, we recognize that the best option for some students may be therapy with an off-campus provider. In an effort to increase accessibility to care for students in financial need, in some rare situations we will provide limited funds (ie. to defray the cost of co-pay, towards unmet deductible) for a specific number of sessions. To see if you may be eligible for assistance, please fill out this form. This resource is not guaranteed to any student, and all efforts will be made to first utilize campus resources.