Frequently Asked Questions

New Student Housing

When is the housing application due?

Sunday, June 11th by 11:59 p.m. PDT. If you do not submit a housing application, we cannot guarantee you housing. It is important to complete the application. Sometimes students accidentally leave it in draft, which we cannot process. Make sure you have submitted it!

Why are there so many questions in the application?

We want to be as thorough as possible when making roommate matches. Although we do not match across every question, we match using as many as possible. Of course, a perfect match would be ideal, but we will match within one standard deviation of an answer as well. Remember to be as honest as possible and answer as you are, not as you wish you were. 

I really want to live in a specific quad or building. What if I only put that quad on my housing application for both preferences?

This does not guarantee you placement in that particular quad. If you don't list an alternative, we'll place you wherever we have availability.

What do you mean by preferences? Am I guaranteed my first or second choice?

We understand you may have heard a lot about a specific quad from friends, family, or on your tour. Indicating your preference is not a guarantee of placement. We do our best to house students in their first or second choice, but it also comes down to availability. We hold approximately 20% of each building for incoming students. Any given year, we have more students request a specific quad than we have spaces available. In these cases, we may go to a second or even third choice. We also take into consideration the preferences of the roommate match. For example: if you are an excellent match with someone who listed a different quad than you as a first preference, but you both have the same second preference, we will likely place you in the second. The person you are matched with will matter more than where you are placed. Keep in mind that you will be able to choose where you live as you move through subsequent years at CMC.

Do I have to live on-campus?

Yes. All students are required to live on-campus. We are a highly residential community and active engagement is a hallmark of our program. Students can request to live off-campus in subsequent years, but approval is not guaranteed. If you have extenuating circumstances, you are encouraged to reach out to us at 

Can I request a specific person as my roommate?

We do not permit roommate requests for incoming students. This first year is an excellent time to meet new people. You'll have the opportunity to choose your roommate(s) after your first year on campus.

What if my roommate(s) and I don't get along? Can I change rooms?

It's important to manage your expectations when it comes to sharing a room. While we do our best to match according to your application, people and preferences change - especially during your first year in college. It would be great to be best friends with your roommate(s), but it is more important to be able to co-exist together. At the beginning of the semester, you'll sit down with your roommate(s) and complete a roommate agreement. It's an important step to understanding your needs, those of others, and how to set boundaries for sharing a space. If you are experiencing a conflict, your Resident Assistant can help mediate a conversation with your roommate(s). They revisit your roommate agreement and facilitate an honest conversation. Your RA will then check in a week or so later to see how you're doing. If things are not working out, you may need to connect with a professional staff member in Residential Life. Depending on space availability, we may be able to do a room change. It is important to note that no room changes are permitted in the first six weeks of the semester. 

I've noticed you keep saying "roommate(s)" in your communications. Will I have more than one person living with me?

Approximately one-third of the incoming class will be placed in triple rooms. It is a random placement and students cannot opt-out of consideration for a triple room. Fun fact: We have had triple roommate matches so successful that they opt to live together for another year!

What furniture is provided in the rooms?

All rooms are furnished with twin XL beds, desks, dressers, desk chairs, and a micro-fridge. None of this furniture, with the exception of the desk chairs, can be removed from the room. 

Do the rooms have air conditioning? 

The North Quad rooms do not have air conditioning (Appleby, Boswell, Green, and Wohlford). It can be quite warm for the first several weeks of the semester, but it is then lovely. All rooms on campus have heat. Students are not permitted to bring air conditioning units, but fans are welcomed and encouraged.


Room Draw for Returning Students

I’m a senior and I want to live with non-seniors. How does that work?

You will participate in the main Room Draw and assigned a selection time. You will receive an earlier selection time compared to non-seniors, allowing you to choose early in the process. You would form a group as outlined on the Room Draw Information page and proceed to select a space for your group. Your group will automatically be reassigned to the earliest selection time (presumably yours). Then, you would select a space based on what is available at your selection time. Please keep in mind, if there are no spaces left to accommodate your group size, you will need to split the group. Group members will revert to their originally assigned selection time, unless they form a new group. In that case, they would use the new earliest time of the newly formed group. This all happens automatically in Residence, so you do not need to worry about that!

I’m a student who forgot to choose a room and Room Draw has closed. What happens next?

You will be assigned a space by the Residential Life Team sometime in July, based on space-availability. If you fail to select a room during Room Draw, you are no longer guaranteed housing. 

How do I get to/from the Kendry Apartments if I do not have a car?

There is a shuttle that picks students up at Kendry Building 5 and brings them to campus for drop-off behind Collins Dining Hall. The shuttle also makes trips to Target on Sundays.