Funding for an Event

Have a new idea for an event but are short of funding? The Student Activities Office offers a variety of ways to help get your idea off the ground. The funding options listed below represent the different ways that students and faculty can work to make their events come to fruition. The primary purpose of these funds is to bring amazing events to as many members of the community as possible, not to support individual endeavors with limited scope*. If you have an individual pursuit, we recommend seeking out an existing organization for partnership or connecting with other campus departments who may be able to offer support to more specialized avenues.

  • ASCMC Student Senate - The Senate takes audience of students who are looking to make change or enhance experiences at CMC. The ASCMC Senators will hear proposals from individual students and clubs throughout the year and determine if they have support the initiative monetarily. For more information, visit or email
  • Club and Organization Funding - ASCMC oversees the funding for all CMC Clubs and Organizations and contributes to the funding for 5C clubs as well. If you missed club budgeting, are a new club, or just need more money for the functioning of your organization, please visit or email to inquire about requesting funding.
  • Crown Special Events Fund - This fund was established by the Crown Family Foundation in 1978 to support CMC students in creating a vibrant and diverse social life. The Crown Fund provides resources to promote student interaction as well as opportunities for intellectual, social, and culturally enriching special events. This fund is to benefit the larger student community where alternate sources of funding may not usually be available. To submit a request, please contact
  • Richard M. Shure Mentor Fund - Student and Faculty interaction outside of the classroom helps to improve relationships and inspire both parties. The Shure Fund supports out of classroom interactions when faculty and students are involved. If you are a faculty member looking to host a movie night or a student seeking a dinner with other students and your favorite professor, consider requesting Shure funding to help monetarily support your event.
  • Not meeting your needs? - If the above options for funding do not apply to your situation, consider looking at different areas around the college for partnerships. Is there an institute or department that may share a similar mission? Consider teaming up to gain resources, support, and people power to allow your idea to flourish.

*Funding requests which have a limited personal benefit for one student or small group of students will not be approved. For example a group of students who request funding to attend a concert is not something that would be funded. Whereas a group of students who request funding to bring a musical act to campus may be funded, as the activity has the potential to benefit the entire CMC community.