Peer Health Ambassadors

CMC Peer Health Ambassadors

Claremont McKenna College’s Peer Health Ambassadors are here to support the well-being of CMC students through health education and promotion opportunities. We educate our peers on a diverse range of health topics and promote responsible decision-making behaviors through interactive and engaging programs, workshops, and events. 

Through peer-to-peer messaging and outreach, we equip students with the tools and skills to optimize student well-being during their time at CMC and beyond. We work to cultivate a supportive campus community that promotes positive well-being, fosters academic and personal success, and enhances students’ self-authorship skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sustainable student well-being through the intersection of evidence-based education, compassionate community building, and inclusive outreach. As Peer Health Ambassadors, we are dedicated to creating a collective impact by advocating for positive, lasting health practices for the student body.

Our Vision

Our vision as Peer Health Ambassadors is to create a platform that ensures student understanding of the diverse dimensions of well-being and equips students with tools to cultivate individual and collective health practices.

Health Topics

Through campus events and outreach, our PHAs focus on the following topics of health and wellness:

  • Alcohol and Other Substances
  • Healthy Eating and Body Image
  • Mental Health
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships
  • Physical Activity and Sleep Health

Meet the Peer Health Ambassadors!


Kaavya Narayan '25.
Kaavya Narayan ’25

Daphne Achilles '25.
Daphne Achilles ’25

Jose Najas '25.
Jose Najas '25

Nilaja Sultan ’26.
Nilaja Sultan ’26

Sunny Lee ’26.
Sunny Lee ’26

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