Parking and Motor Vehicles

Freshmen (including students transferring to CMC as freshmen) are not permitted to bring cars on campus.

All cars, motorcycles, mopeds, and other motor vehicles owned or operated by students on campus must be registered.  First-time registrants will need to register online with Campus Safety when they arrive on campus.  Permits will be distributed during Student Services Registration in early September.   Be sure to bring your automobile insurance certificate, your vehicle registration, and your driver's license.  All fees will be billed on your student account.

California State Information

California State Law requires the following:  1) that a copy of your insurance certificate be carried in your automobile at all times; 2) that both driver and passengers wear seat belts; and 3) that a student of any other state or country, under the age of 18, who holds a valid license issued by another state or country, and who wishes to drive in California must, within ten days of entering the state, contact the California State Motor Vehicles Department (8678 Archibald Ave., City of Rancho Cucamonga) to verify the validity of his or her driver's license and the adequacy of the insurance.  Please call the DMV at (800) 777-0133 for additional information or go to their website at

Parking is provided for CMC students in five college parking areas:

North Quad Lot:  Located at Ninth Street and Mills and may be reached from Claremont Blvd (CMC student parking permit required).



Bauer Lot:  Located on Ninth Street just west of Claremont Boulevard.  This lot contains a limited number of spaces for students who live in North Quad.  Students must have their ID card activated by Story House to access this lot (CMC student parking permit required) and must park in designated student spaces only.

Sixth and Mills Lot and Sixth Street Lots:  Located on Sixth Street south of the athletic complex and including some parking spaces on Mills Avenue north of Sixth Street (CMC parking permit required).

Student Apartment Lot:  Located east of the football field (CMC student parking permit and apartment parking permit required).  Only residents of the Student Apartments will be given access to the gate at the entrance to this lot.  Guests of apartment residences may park along the west side of Claremont Boulevard (a city street) beginning at 6:00am and ending at 2:00am (see overnight parking restrictions below).

These five lots are the ONLY parking facilities for CMC students.  Be sure to read the Motor Vehicle Regulation pamphlet provided to you when you register your vehicle.

  • Students are not permitted to park in faculty-staff lots.
  • CMC students are also not permitted to park in the student lots of the other Claremont Colleges.  There are no exceptions.
  • No overnight parking on College streets unless authorized by Campus Safety (x18170).
  • No motor vehicles, including motorcycles, motorized scooters, and mopeds, are allowed on the interior of the campus. 
  • No motor vehicles should be left in the parking lots at the end of the spring semester.

City of Claremont overnight parking restrictions:  Only one-hour parking is permitted on Claremont city streets between 2:00am and 6:00am.  The Claremont Police Department will ticket for violations.  If you have an emergency, such as your car has broken down, please contact the CPD to request a temporary overnight parking exemption.