Board Games & Discount Tickets

Board Games available for checkout:

Apples to Apples
Chess Set 1 (Foldable)
Chess Set 2
Chess/Checkers Board 1
Chess/Checkers Board 2
Connect 4 (1)
Dice (set 5)
Dirty Minds
Edge of the Empire
Jump Rope
Just Four Kicks
Oh Snap!
Playing Cards (10 sets)
Poker Set (Chips)
Puzzle 02 (African Animal World)
Puzzle 03 (Underwater)
Puzzle 04 (Cinque Terre)
Puzzle 05 (Times Square)
Puzzle 06 (Van Gogh – Bedroom in Aries)
Puzzle 07 (Iguazu Waterfalls)
Puzzle 08 (World of Books)

Puzzle 09 (Tis the Season)
Puzzle 10 (Positano, Italy)
Puzzle 11 (The Sunny City-1)
Puzzle 12 (CMC)
Puzzle 13 (Yosemite Valley)
Puzzle 14 (The Crystal Caves-1)
Puzzle 15 (The Busy Bistro-1)
Puzzle 16 (The Forest Feast-1)
Puzzle 17 (The Mystic Maze-1)
Puzzle 18 (The Happy Isles)
Puzzle 19 (The Sunny City-2)
Puzzle 20 (The Crystal Caves-2)
Puzzle 21 (The Busy Bistro-2)
Puzzle 22 (The Forest Feast-2)
Puzzle 25 (The Mystic Maze-2)
Puzzle 26 (Farm Fresh)
Puzzle rollup mat
Reverse Charades 1
Rummy Cube
The Family Farm
The Walking Dead
Ticket to Ride
Uno #1
We're Not Really Strangers
Wits & Wagers
Yahtzee Classic

If you would like to play a board game that isn’t on this list, please email and we may be able to add to our collection!

**All board games checked out through the Student Activities Office are to be returned in full, working condition, with all parts included. If game pieces are missing or damaged, it will be the responsibility of the student to replace them. All games have a maximum check out of 2 business days.

Discount Tickets and Codes:

The Dean of Students office offers discount tickets to local area attractions & movie theaters for you to enjoy. To purchase a ticket or receive a discount code, stop by Student Activities in the Dean of Students Office in Heggblade Center. Tickets will be available for purchase, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - Noon and 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tickets available include:

Edwards/Regal Movie Theater*

$8.00 (one day, per person)


$8.00 (one day, per person)

*Prices subject to change

All ticket sales are cash only and non-refundable.

Discount Codes available for:

Knott's Berry Farm*

*Prices subject to change

If you are interested in discounted tickets to locations including Disneyland and more, check out CUC Connection for more details.