WOA General Information

Welcome Orientation Adventure trip



What is WOA?

WOA stands for Welcome Orientation Adventure. WOA Trips are destination experiences designed to help students make connections and learn life skills before entering college at CMC. Our many trip offerings allow students a variety of opportunities and activities, from beach camping across southern California to cabin camping in the mountains. There is truly something for everyone! Each group consists of 20-25 new students and 3-5 First Year Guides who are currently enrolled at CMC.

WOA Trips are designed to promote:

  • A supportive relationship with peers

  • A mentoring relationship with trip leaders

  • A sense of community and belonging

  • Readiness for college life

  • Personal growth

  • Leadership skills

  • A connection to the natural world

  • Responsibility for self and others

  • Decision-making skills

  • Challenge and discovery

  • Self-awareness and self-confidence

  • An awesome introduction to the CMC lifestyle!

When is move-in, WOA and orientation?

The 2023 orientation schedule is below. Students will receive more detailed information regarding move in day and WOA preparation this summer. Please check your CMC email regularly for updates.

International Student Orientation

International Student Pre-Arrival: Wednesday, August 16

Airport pick up & International Student Move-In: Thursday, August 17

Welcome & Information Fair: Friday, August 18

Immigration and Information Sessions: Saturday, August 19


General New Student Orientation (required for all new students)

New Student Move In Day: Sunday, August 20

WOA: Monday, August 21 – Wednesday, Aug 23

Remaining Orientation Programming: Thursday, Aug 24-Saturday, August 26 

Optional Social Programming: Sunday, August 27

Who Participates in WOA?

Everyone! All new students, first year and transfer, will go on a WOA trip as a required part of their Orientation experience. There are many different trip options and there is something for everyone! A form to list your trip preferences will be available in May 2023 through the Orientation Portal.

It is imperative that students who plan on playing a fall sport contact their coach in order to coordinate practice schedules with your WOA trip.

What Should I Bring?

Students will most likely be bringing the items needed for their trip to college. More specific items, such as sleeping bags and pads, are available if you cannot bring your own. Once you have been assigned a trip, you will receive an electronic packet detailing your trip and the items you will need to bring. Be mindful that while you are on your trip, you will be away from campus and will not have access to your room, so bring what you need and leave what you don't!

First Year Guides

Trips are comprised of 3-5 First Year Guides per 20-25 participants. Each trip has at least one male and one female guide who represent a variety of class years. First Year Guides participate in mandatory training prior to the trips, including a course in basic first aid, in order to ensure safe and well-run trips.

Trip Destinations

Cabin Camping: Trips will sleep in a cabin with four walls and a roof and electricity. Meals are prepared for the group.

Camping: These trips will be fully outdoors and will be camping in tents at various State Parks in California and have access to restrooms and showers. Meals are cooked by the group.