Costs and Payments

Cost of Attendance for 2020-2021
Tuition & Fees (Full Time) $56,475
Room & Board $17,300
Books & Supplies $1,200
Transportation Varies
Misc. $1,500
Average Cost of Attendance $76,475

* PLEASE NOTE: Charges vary based on room assignment, meal plan, number of classes taken, etc.

The college cost of attendance for the 2020-21 year is approximately $76,475. This is the amount you may incur without financial aid. If you have been awarded financial aid, reduce the cost of attendance by the amount of your aid. For example, if you have a grant of $4,000 and a student loan of $2,500, reduce the cost of attendance by $6,500; $76,475 less $6,500 = $69,975 which is the costs you may incur.

To get an estimate of what your 2020-2021 direct cost of attending CMC will be, please see our 2020-2021 cost worksheet.

PLEASE NOTE: Bills are emailed out of the Office of Student Accounts after August 1 for the Fall semester.   You may contact them at 909-621-8232 for more information on your account or visit their website. You can also get payment information at Payment Plan Descriptions.

Additionally, all CMC students are required to carry health care insurance coverage. Students who do not provide insurance information and submit a proof of insurance document will be automatically enrolled in the Claremont College's Student Health Insurance Plan at a cost of $2,655 for the annual coverage.

Remember, financial aid adjustments can be made at any time during the school year. Our Financial Aid staff will always be happy to answer your specific questions throughout the year.