FAQs for Students

What is Federal Work-Study?
The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally funded financial aid work program offered to students who demonstrate financial need.

How do I get it?
Federal Work-Study may be awarded to you by the Office of Financial Aid after you have completed the required financial aid applications.

How do I know if I have Federal Work-Study?
It will be reflected on your financial aid award in the financial aid portal Net Partner. In addition, the Office of Financial Aid provides department supervisors interested in hiring you with this information.

If I have Federal Work-Study this year, will I receive Federal Work-Study next year?
Under this program, a student must apply for financial aid each year and meet federal eligibility requirements.

Is there paperwork I need to complete as a first-time Federal Work-Study employee?
Yes. You are required to complete a New Hire Packet.

What is a "New Hire Packet"?
A New Hire Packet includes an I-9 form, W-4 form, and a DE4 State of California Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Where do I, as a first-time Federal Work-Study (FWS) employee, obtain the New Hire Packet?
At the CMC Payroll Office located at B-31 Bauer South.

Are my Federal Work-Study earnings considered taxable income?
All student employment is taxable income. Students are subject to both Federal and State taxes but exempt from FICA taxes (i.e., Social Security, State Disability, and Medicare). However, a student may claim exempt status, if eligible.

Once I am hired, is there a form that my supervisor needs to complete?
Yes. The supervisor must complete the Personnel Action Form (PAF). This form must be submitted to the Human Resources Office at least 24 hours before the start date of employment.

Now, can I begin to work?
You may begin to work once your Personnel Action Form has been received and approved in the Human Resources Office and you have completed and submitted your New Hire Packet paperwork to the Payroll Office at B-31 Bauer South.

What are the maximum number of hours that I may work on a specific day?
8 hours, excluding at least a half-hour lunch.

What are the maximum number of hours that I may work in a week?
We strongly recommend that a student work no more than 20 hours in a week. Remember, your goal is to concentrate on your studies, not your work experience.

What happens to any unearned work-study allocation?
Any unearned portion of a student's work-study allocation is automatically relinquished at the end of the academic year.

When are time sheets due?
As listed on the Time Sheet Schedule page.

What happens if I submit hours late?
Your time sheet will be processed the next pay period.

What happens if I forget to turn in hours for the pay period?
The Payroll Office will accept late submission of hours up to 30 days late. After that, it will be up to the department to pay the student from their own department funds.

When do work-study students receive their payroll checks?
If hours are accurately and correctly submitted online, a check will be available the second Friday after time sheets are due in the student’s Story House mailbox. Students are also able to request direct deposit. Please contact the CMC Payroll Office for more information.