Student's Guide

The purpose of this program is to provide students with part-time employment opportunities for those who have been awarded work-study funding. There are a variety of reasons students may have the desire to work: to help finance their education, to cover personal expenses, to gain valuable and satisfying work experience and to develop time management, research, library, computer, or communication skills. The Office of Financial Aid places accountability upon both the student and the work-study supervisor for participation in the program.

In addition to the determination of financial aid need and the availability of work-study funding, students must also:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, noncitizen national; lawful permanent resident, or authorized alien.
  • Be enrolled, or accepted for enrollment at CMC, and be in regular attendance in an undergraduate degree program.
  • Require earnings from work-study employment to help finance a degree at CMC.
  • Maintain satisfactory progress in coursework while participating in the program.
  • Not owe a refund on a federal or state educational grant.
  • Not be in default on a federal or state educational loan.
  • Selective Service Registration is no longer a requirement in the completion and will not affect your aid eligibility.

Many students hear about job opportunities from other students, however, students may also check the Career Services Center homepage or Handshake. Log in using your username and password for information on both on and off-campus positions available. We currently have participation from departments, offices, and institutes that are interested in hiring students for the academic year. These positions include research assistant, library assistant, games manager, tutor, food server, cashier, mailroom clerk, just to name a few.

Accepting a job involves commitment. Students are expected to be reliable and considerate to the employer, and not permitted to engage in reading, homework, or other personal work during the hours of employment, unless approved by the supervisor. Students are responsible for maintaining their schoolwork and not letting their job interfere with their educational goals.

First Time Work-Study Student

For instructions on getting hired in a work-study position, please reference the New Hire Onboarding Instructions webpage.

Returning Work-Study Student

Have your department supervisor complete a Personnel Action Form (PAF). This form must be submitted to the Payroll Office at least 24 hours before the start date of employment.

All student hours worked must be approved and submitted online at the end of each pay period in order for a student to be paid.

A student may not work more than five hours without taking at least a half-hour lunch break. This is to be noted on the online time sheet. No student may work more than eight hours in one day or more than 20 hours in one week. A student cannot work more than six consecutive days. There can be no overtime work or pay for legal holidays.

California's minimum wage is currently $16 an hour.

What is Federal Work-Study?
The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally funded financial aid work program offered to students who demonstrate financial need.

What is College Work-Study?
The College Work-Study Program is an institutionally funded financial aid work program offered to students who demonstrate financial need.

How do I get it?
Both Federal and College work-study may be awarded to you by the Office of Financial Aid after you have completed the required financial aid applications.

How do I know if I have work-study?
It will be reflected on your financial aid award in the financial aid portal Net Partner open_in_new. In addition, the Office of Financial Aid provides department supervisors interested in hiring you with this information.

If I have work-study this year, will I receive work-study next year?
Under this program, a student must apply for financial aid each year and meet eligibility requirements.

Is there paperwork I need to complete as a first-time work-study employee?
Yes. Please reference the New Hire Onboarding Instructions page.

Are my work-study earnings considered taxable income?
All student employment is taxable income. Students are subject to both Federal and State taxes but exempt from FICA taxes (i.e., Social Security, State Disability, and Medicare). However, a student may claim exempt status, if eligible.

Once I am hired, is there a form that my supervisor needs to complete?
Yes. The supervisor must complete the Personnel Action Form (PAF) at least 24 hours before the start date of employment.

Now, can I begin to work?
You may begin to work once your Personnel Action Form has been received and approved.

What are the maximum number of hours that I may work on a specific day?
8 hours, excluding at least a half-hour lunch.

What are the maximum number of hours that I may work in a week?
We strongly recommend that a student work no more than 20 hours in a week. Remember, your goal is to concentrate on your studies, not your work experience.

What happens to any unearned work-study allocation?
Any unearned portion of a student's work-study allocation is automatically relinquished at the end of the academic year.

When are time sheets due?
Please refer to the Payroll Schedule found on the Payroll Resources page.

What happens if I submit hours late?
Your time sheet will be processed the next pay period.

What happens if I forget to turn in hours for the pay period?
If the hours worked are from the previous academic year, you will need to reach out to your department supervisor for payment.

What should I do if I have other payroll related questions?
Please reach out to the Payroll Office.