Faculty Awards

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Chelsea Wang

Prof. Chelsea Wang, a historian of late imperial China, won a prestigious early career fellowship through the Henry Luce Foundation/American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Program in China Studies. This grant will enable Wang to complete her first book, “Logistics of Empire: Governance and Spatial Friction in Ming China, 1368-1644.” Through this work, Wang hopes to answer longstanding questions about the seemingly counterintuitive bureaucratic practices of this vast and powerful imperial dynasty.


Jeho Park

Prof. Jeho Park been elected as the Vice President of the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) for the 52nd term (2023-2024). The KSEA is one of the largest and oldest professional societies outside South Korea. Its mission is to provide and promote international cooperation, career development, and community service in science, technology, and entrepreneurship.


Lisa Cody

Prof. Lisa Cody was honored by the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies for best article, “Marriage is No Protection for Crime”: Coverture, Sex, and Marital Rape in Eighteenth-Century England.” Cody is a cultural historian of Britain and Northern Europe. Her teaching specializes in the history of the human body, including abortion, reproduction, sexuality, gender, and violence across the Atlantic and Northern European worlds.


Ran Libeskind-Hadas

Prof. Ran Libeskind-Hadas has been elected vice chair of the Computing Research Association, which represents the computer science research community in North America, and more than 250 universities, colleges, industrial research labs, and other organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Libeskind-Hadas, who is the inaugural chair for the Kravis Department of Integrated Sciences, is the first faculty member from an undergraduate institution to serve on the executive council of the board.


Esther Chung-Kim

Prof. Esther Chung-Kim has been elected as the incoming President of the American Society of Church History, the oldest academic society in the field of religion. Chung-Kim is chair of the Religious Studies Department, and specializes in the history of world Christianity, including the European Reformations. Her research examines religious conflict, history of poverty, and the impact of religion on politics, economics, and society. Her vision for the Society and higher education is to promote scholarship and teaching that moves the conversation from "what we know best" to "what do others need to learn?"


David Day

Prof. David Day was invited to join the inaugural National Advisory Committee for the Carnegie Elective Classification for Leadership for Public Purpose. As a committee member, his key responsibilities are to act as ambassador, and advise on framework revisions, the review process and reviewer qualifications, and policies and programming as requested.


Minxin Pei

The Smith Richardson Foundation awarded a grant to Prof. Minxin Pei to support his research.


Ahona Panda

Prof. Ahona Panda, assistant professor of History, received the Sardar Patel Dissertation Award, a national prize for the best doctoral dissertation on any aspect of modern India - social sciences, humanities, education and fine arts by the Center for India and South Asia at UCLA.


Emily Pears

Prof. Emily Pears’ book, “Cords of Affection: Constructing Constitutional Union in Early American History” was awarded Best in American Political Thought from the American Political Science Association. Her book investigates "efforts by the founding generation's leadership to construct and strengthen political attachments in and among the citizens of the new republic.