Philosopher Adrienne Martin to Join CMC in fall

Philosopher Adrienne Martin joins CMC this fall Philosopher Adrienne Martin joins CMC this fall

The Claremont McKenna College philosophy department has announced that Adrienne Martin, currently on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, will join CMC this fall as the first occupant of the Akshata Murty ’02 and Rishi Sunak Professorship of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and George R. Roberts Fellow.

Currently an associate professor of philosophy at Penn, Martin says she is “thrilled at the opportunity to work with CMC’s wonderful faculty and students.” Her contributions in the classroom will enrich the philosophy offerings at the College, and facilitate the scheduled expansion of CMC’s program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

“Adrienne fulfills everything on our wish list for this position,” says Paul Hurley, CMC’s Edward J. Sexton Professor of Philosophy. “She is a superb scholar, an outstanding teacher, and a conscientious colleague who brings exciting new depth and dimension to both the philosophy curriculum and the PPE Program at CMC.”

Martin’s research has focused on central questions in ethics, applied ethics, and moral psychology. Recent topics include what she calls “thick” emotional attitudes, such as love, apology, gratitude, and hope. Her new book, How We Hope: A Moral Psychology (2013, Princeton University Press), provides what is arguably the most rigorous, insightful, and sophisticated analysis of hope now available.

Martin’s current website indicates future papers on the ethics of eating animals, conscientious objection in the provision of medical care, and what it means to relate to a person as a reasoner. Her areas of specialization include ethics and medical ethics.

She received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy from New York University, and her master’s in philosophy from the University of California, San Diego. In 2004, she earned her doctorate in philosophy at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.