The Scholar Communities

First year CMC students who were admitted to CMC as a member of a Scholar Community (ISS, Kravis, McKenna, QuestBridge, Seaver, St. Dennis, Wagener, and Podlich) enter the Sponsored Internships and Experiences process with dedicated funding.  ISS, Seaver, Wagener and Podlich also have eligibility for funding in additional summers. The process for requesting these funds is identical to that of all students applying to the Sponsored Internships and Experiences (SIE) Program.  The following points are worth considering:

  • Typical Scholar community funding is $5,000, though amounts vary by community.

  • For Scholars receiving financial aid, a grant of up to $2500 will replace the Summer Savings requirement.

  • The approval of your summer internship or experience will be based on the same merits applied to all applications.

  • With few exceptions, the amount of funding awarded will be budget-based.  In appropriate situations, this can result in decisions to combine Scholar Community funding with other available sponsoring support to meet budgets exceeding the dedicated funding. The bottom line: do not in any way feel limited by dedicated funding amounts.

  • You remain responsible for identifying and communicating with the organization with which you seek to intern, or the experience you wish to pursue.  Explore all your options!

  • The intent of the generous donors who enable these programs is to enable you to pursue and acquire the best possible internship or experience that supports your personal and professional growth.  You are encouraged to seek the internships and experiences that will provide you enough responsibility and challenge to find satisfaction and growth in your investment of time and effort.  Be confident and bold!  Avoid third-party providers if at all possible (though they can offer some useful examples of the types of internships and experiences that exist).

  • The SIE application deadline applies to all students, including Scholars. The application will require you to apply once you have a confirmed internship.

  • If eligible, it is entirely up to you whether you register for transcript notation only, some level of academic credit, or neither.  Please see the Registrar’s internship registration website for details of academic credit options.

Questions concerning the application for internships and experiences should be shared with Garineh Kouredjian at  Questions about ideas and direction for pursuing options should encourage you to schedule time with one or more Career Coaches in the Soll Center for Student Opportunity (using Handshake).  Questions specifically about Scholar Community funding should be shared with Amy Flanagan, Director of Scholar Communities, at or by visiting the second floor of the Soll Center for Student Opportunity.