Scholar Community Students

First year CMC students admitted to CMC as a member of a Scholar Community (Berger Summer Scholars, ISS, Kravis, McKenna, QuestBridge, St. Dennis, Seaver or Wagener) enter the Sponsored Internships and Experiences application process with dedicated funding to use in the summer between their first and second year. Second year ISS, St. Dennis, and Seaver Scholars also have dedicated funding available to support a qualifying summer internship or experience in the summer between their second and third year. The process for requesting these funds is identical to that of all students applying to the Sponsored Internships and Experiences (SIE) Program. Please note:

  • SIE applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting February 1, 2021 and until May 31, 2021. Applications should not be submitted until your internship or experience is confirmed. The deadline to finalize your summer plans and submit an application for summer 2021 funding is May 31, 2021.

  • Scholar Community funding supports approved internships or experiences with budgets up to $5,000. Scholar Community funding is not a stipend to redeem, but instead funding available to support approved budgeted expenses for an approved internship or experience. It is important to keep in mind that final award amounts are budget-based and will vary year to year. If there are questions about budgets beyond $5,000, please reach out to Brittany Bras,, to discuss.

  • The same merits are applied to all SIE applications, and thus the approval of your internship or experience and its accompanying budget will undergo the same review and approval process as all other non-Scholar Community students.

  • You are responsible for identifying your internship or experience and communicating with the organization with which you seek to intern or the experience you wish to pursue. We are here to help you along the way and recommend that you begin your search using the Internship Database. You may also choose to explore CMC’s Unique Opportunities. Industry specific internship questions should be directed to the Career Services Career Coach in that industry and an appointment can be made with the appropriate Career Coach via Handshake. Avoid third-party providers if possible (though they can offer some useful examples of the types of internships and experiences that exist). Keep an open mind and explore all options!

  • The intent of the generous donors who enable the SIE Program, and more specifically the Scholar Communities, is to make it possible for you to participate in an internship or experience that you otherwise would not be able to pursue. Our goal is to support opportunities that contribute to your personal and professional development. You are encouraged to seek an internship or experience that will provide you with new responsibilities, challenges, satisfaction, growth, skill building, and some insight and direction into future potential career paths. Be confident, bold and creative in your pursuits!

  • If eligible, it is at your discretion to register for transcript notation only, to register for some level of academic credit, or to register for neither. Please visit the registrar’s internship registration page for details and deadlines regarding academic credit options.

Questions concerning the SIE application process for Scholar Community students should be directed to Beth Milev,, and Brittany Bras,