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Transition to the Real World

It’s a big transition from high school to college, but it’s an even bigger transition from college to the “real world.” We want to fully support our graduating seniors as they navigate this critical transition, whether that entails finding a full-time job or being accepted to graduate school, finding somewhere to live, or generally coping with new “adulting” responsibilities. CMC offers a number of ways to help!

Claremont in the Wild

The transition to the “real world” brings many complexities and challenges. Many members of the CMC alumni community have been in your shoes before and want to lend a hand with sage advice and solving problems. CITW hosts events throughout the year to help build a community conversation about life, work, family, friends, and forging your own path. You can find details of upcoming events on Handshake.

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RealWorld | Simplify Adulthood

Realworld is your personalized playbook for life after school - build your own to-do list and set reminders to stay on track. Their step-by-step playbooks are integrated with video content, tools, and benchmarks, providing guidance through decisions like enrolling in health insurance, repaying student loans, filling out tax forms, and signing a lease.

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Engage.CMC is a CMC online community engagement platform that allows CMC students to connect with alumni who have similar interests, careers, and backgrounds. It is the only place to find alumni contact details, connect with alumni who are offering to help or be mentors, and join community groups.

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Alumni Chapters

CMC has 19 regional chapters that provide members with opportunities to network, attend talks, participate in service projects that benefit local communities, and much more. Joining an alumni chapter is a great way to help you transition to a new city and meet some new friends.

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Alumni Support

Career Services continues to support CMC alumni after you graduate. We can help you clarify your career or life goals, help create a plan for achieving your goals, review application materials, and coach you on networking skills that you may not have used in a while. To set up an appointment after graduation, email us at

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The Aftergrad Podcast

The Aftergrad Podcast is a show created by Robert Cain ’21 where he and his co-host share their personal anecdotes and lessons learned as they navigate their postgrad life. Their conversations center on the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of navigating adulthood as they balance following their multifaceted passions and finding their professional identities.

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Quick Resource Guides & References

The Soll Center for Student Opportunity provides many resources to help our students achieve their personal and professional goals. Below are a few of our most popular resources.

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