Frequently Asked Room Draw Questions

All enrolled students are required to be vaccinated unless they qualify for a medical or religion exemption through the Office of Civil Rights ( If exempted from vaccination, students may still go through room draw but must select a single. If no singles are available, the exempted student will be permitted to live off campus, and will still be packaged with their expected financial aid for room and board. Exempted students are welcome to participate in all campus activities, but will be subject to daily, self-reported health screenings and twice weekly COVID-19 testing throughout the semester.

What happened to Apartment Selection?

In an effort to streamline the process, we have changed the process to select into apartments. As has always been the case, seniors will continue to have priority. As such, we are establishing Senior Selection. Seniors will have the opportunity to select from the Student Apartments, the Alexan Kendry Apartments, and a variety of singles and doubles across campus. Note: North Quad half-suites will not be available during Senior Selection.


I’m a senior and I want to live with non-seniors. How does that work?

You will simply not select during Senior Selection. You will be rolled into Room Draw and assigned a new selection time. You will still receive an earlier selection time compared to non-seniors, allowing you to choose early in the process. You would form a group as outlined on the Room Draw Information page and proceed to select a space for your group. Your group will automatically be reassigned to the earliest selection time (presumably yours). Then, you would select a space based on what is available at your selection time. Please keep in mind, if there are no spaces left to accommodate your group size, you will need to split the group. Group members will revert to their originally assigned selection time, unless they form a new group. In that case, they would use the new earliest time of the newly formed group. This all happens automatically in Residence, so you do not need to worry about that!


Why are the North Quad half-suites not available during Senior Selection?

This is to maintain fairness in the process. Traditionally, we have had a separate Apartment Selection, followed by Room Draw. NQ half-suites were only available during Room Draw. Seniors who wanted to live in NQ would select during Room Draw, like everyone else. The only change is that all apartments (Student Apartments and Alexan Kendry Apartments) and a variety of singles and doubles across campus are available during Senior Selection. Traditionally, juniors who have wanted single or double rooms have not had difficulty securing them during Room Draw. We anticipate no change to this.


I’m a senior or junior who forgot to choose a room and Room Draw has closed. What happens next?

You will be assigned a space by the Residential Life Team sometime in July, based on space-availability. If you fail to select a room during Room Draw, you are no longer guaranteed housing. If you are C’24, this does not apply to you; you have the option of being paired and placed. See applicable FAQ.


I heard that C’24 can go through Room Draw or be placed by the Residential Life Team. What does that mean?

C’24 students have the opportunity to choose a room during Room Draw. You can pair up with a roommate and choose a double room or you can choose into a single room, if there are any available at your selection time.

If you do not select a room or otherwise choose not to participate in Room Draw, you will receive a notification to complete a new matching profile after Room Draw closes. We assign your preferences may have changed since you filled it out over a year ago! You will have a quick turnaround time (likely a week) from when it opens to submit the profile. The Residential Life Team will then use the Residence software to assist us in matching you with a roommate and placing you in a room on campus. Keep in mind that although you will indicate quad preferences on your profile, they are never guaranteed. You’ll be placed based on preference and availability.


How do I get to/from Alexan Kendry if I do not have a car?

We will be providing a shuttle service. Additional details forthcoming.