Current International Students

F-1 Student: Curricular Practical Training
What is Curricular Practical Training (CPT)?

Curricular Practical Training is a type of work authorization which enables F-1 international students to engage in off-campus employment that is an integral part of their established curriculum. According to SEVIS regulations (8 CFR 214.2 (f)(10)(i)), Curricular Practical Training is defined to be “alternative work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type of required internship or practicum”.

CPT authorization is required for any paid or unpaid off-campus employment or internship experience. CPT authorization is specific to the employer and must be requested for each employer and each new academic term. Students may begin CPT employment only after receiving an endorsed Form I-20 with CPT authorization.

Students should be aware that 12 months of full time CPT (20 or more hours per week) makes you ineligible for Optional Practical Training.

Employment Permitted with CPT Authorization

CPT authorization grants current students with F-1 status the opportunity to gain professional experience directly related to their major area of study.

  • CPT employment must be related to student’s major area of study
  • CPT employment can be paid or unpaid
  • CPT employment must occur within the dates requested and granted by the DSO and reflected on Form I-20
  • CPT employment must be less than 20 hours per week while classes are in session (limited exceptions for students enrolled in the Silicon Valley and Washington DC programs)

Eligibility to Apply for CPT

Students are eligible to apply for CPT if the following are true:

  • The student has maintained F-1 status for one academic year at their current institution and is in good academic standing
  • The student has received an offer of employment directly related to their major field of study

Internship Course Registration for CPT

CPT employment must be an integral part of an established curriculum of the student's academic program. For this reason, students requesting CPT authorization must enroll in and complete an internship course during their CPT employment to accurately reflect internship credit on your transcript. Students must enroll in one of the following courses to be eligible for CPT authorization at CMC: INT 98, INT 99, INT 198, INT 199, INT 30, or GOV 30.

How to Obtain CPT authorization at CMC

  • Obtain an internship offer letter from the employer, on the company's letterhead, which includes employer name
  • Register for an internship and be enrolled in an approved internship course at CMC for the academic tern during the CPT employment
  • Upon registering for an internship, you must complete the online CPT request form and upload your employment offer letter

    Once the CPT request form is received, we will review it and notify of your CPT authorization.