Internship Registration

Internship Registration Form (For Credit)

Internship Registration Form (Non-Credit)

Students completing internships are encouraged, although not obliged, to register the internship with the College. Many may find that the best option is to enroll for a non-credit internship.  Students registered in non-credit internships do not complete the rigorous academic work that is required for academic credit. Registered non-credit internships are included on student transcripts and are available to everyone. Registered non-credit internships are particularly appropriate for experiences which don’t meet the duration, work hours, or academic expectations required for credit, and for students who have already reached the limit of allowable internship credit. Students participating in one of the CMC Sponsored Internship programs must at a minimum enroll in a non-credit internship, complete a brief reflection paper, and submit a supervisor’s evaluation, but they are not required to register for academic credit. They may register for academic credit if they are eligible.

Degree-seeking undergraduate students may receive a maximum of 1 unit of academic credit for summer or semester internships while enrolled at CMC, apart from the internships offered through the Washington DC Semester and Silicon Valley Semester programs. As such, a maximum of 3 units of internship credit may apply toward the undergraduate degree. All internship credit is purely elective and may not be applied to major or general education requirements. Summer internships may be recorded for 0, 0.25, 0.5, or 1.0 unit of academic credit at CMC. Semester internships may be recorded for 0, 0.25, or 0.5 unit of academic credit. Credit value is determined based on the hours and duration worked at the internship site, in addition to the academic components required by the faculty reader. Internships may be in a variety of sectors including, but not limited to, industry, government, science, or the arts. Students may request academic credit whether or not they are paid for their internship work.

Credit is available for internship on the following sliding scale:

Credit Value Minimum Duration Requirement Minimum Work Hours Requirement Writing Assignment Guidelines
0.00 N/A N/A 2-5 Pages
0.25 6 Weeks 150 Work Hours 8-10 Pages
0.50 8 weeks 200 Work Hours 15-20 Pages
1.00 10 Weeks 400 Work Hours 30-40  Pages

Internships for academic credit require academic work of equivalent rigor to an independent study. Such academic work will be a substantial addition to other internship requirements. Students must select a faculty reader to supervise the academic portion of their work. The student and the reader must agree on a list of required readings relevant to the internship and on a topic for a final paper or other assignments to be submitted to the faculty reader. Students must complete all academic assignments required by the reader and submit evidence of superior, conscientious internship performance, including a performance evaluation from the internship supervisor. Credit will be granted upon timely and satisfactory completion of academic assignments.

Internship registrations must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by June 1 for summer internships and by the end of the registration period for semester internships. Assignments are due to the faculty reader no later than the last day of classes for an internship during the regular semester, and no later than the 10th day of fall semester classes for summer internships. Credit recommendations are due by October 1 for summer internships and by the due date for grades for semester internships.

Internship credit is also available for qualifying graduate students who have committed to matriculate to CMC’s MA program. Students may receive course credit in the fall semester for internships completed in the preceding summer, as needed, according to the same sliding scale available to undergraduate students.