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Succulent clippings from around the CMC campus were sent to students who signed up for mystery boxes

Succulents. Cookies. Slime?

These are just some of the items packed into “mystery boxes” and mailed to CMC students around the world as a way to create opportunities for shared experience and a feeling of close-knit community while the campus remains virtual for the spring semester.

Campbell M’16 during his pitch session

For the third year in a row Robert Day Scholars at CMC practiced pitching senior executives (who also happen to be CMC alumni) in a “Pitch Day” workshop that is designed to give students the opportunity to develop and practice all-important presentation skills that they will use early in their careers.

The weather might have been wet in January during the Pacific Northwest Networking Trip to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA sponsored by the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance at CMC. Nonetheless, it was also “raining” connections for the group of students that participated in the event, which was inaugurated in 2013 with a networking trip to Seattle.

During November, the Robert Day Scholars Program hosted two leadership development workshops that were intended to extend the students’ knowledge base while providing them with practical frameworks that could be utilized in their careers.

An Ethics in Leadership Workshop convened on November 13th in the Kravis Center that was taught jointly by Alex Rajczi, the Deborah and Kenneth Novack ’67 Associate Professor of Leadership and Ethics at CMC and Ken Novack ’67, Chairman of Avinger, Inc. and member of the CMC Board of Trustees.

A marketing, strategy, and communication workshop was held Nov. 5, 6 at The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance that encouraged students to consider “context” and think outside the box. 

The two-part workshop (“Marketing New Ventures”) was held in the Kravis Center’s Freeberg Forum and was co-facilitated by Jumana Abu-Ghazela '92, the Founder of and Christine Crockett, Associate Director of CMC's Center for Writing and Public Discourse.

Jose A. Campos '91 Jose A. Campos '91

Robert Day Scholars and high school group

The skies might have been overcast last Friday, but the financial concepts taught by a group of Robert Day School (RDS) volunteers to kids from Banning High School were anything but cloudy.

Robert Day Scholars portrait

For a group of Scholars at the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance completing their MA’s this year, the 2nd Annual RDS Pitch Day held Feb. 13th was a resounding success.

A morning session in which groups of students delivered 20-minute pitches on a variety of ideas to a seasoned panel of senior business executives and CMC alumni was followed in the afternoon by focused feedback from the executives to the students on the pros and cons of their pitches.

NYC networking trip

In January, the Financial Economics Institute and the Robert Day Scholars Program sponsored the 12th annual New York City Networking Trip (see students, pictured above). In the final week of winter break, nine juniors and five sophomores traveled to New York City to learn about the wide array of opportunities available in the financial services industry.  The trip offered a chance for students to connect with various alumni in both professional and casual settings.

Robert Day Scholars case competition winners

Fourteen CMC student teams competed in the 6th Annual Robert Day School (RDS) Case Competition on April 4.

This year’s winning team which won a cash prize of $5000, consisted of Alexandra Arnett ’16, Jeffrey Hochhauser ’15, Sara Linssen ’16, and Ben Turner ’16. Together, these students evaluated a case entitled “Centurion Media: Doing the Right Thing.”