Portrait of CMC Mathematics Prof. Helen Wong

The Simons Foundation has awarded CMC Prof. Helen Wong a 2021 Simons Fellowship in Mathematics, making her one of two liberal arts college faculty to receive the highly prestigious fellowship in nearly a decade, and this year’s only researcher from a liberal arts college.

Mark Huber

Across the CMC curriculum, members of our faculty are meeting the challenge of these unprecedented and historic times, delivering exceptional coursework in a fully online modality for the fall semester. In our Academic Innovations series of faculty Q&As, professors share their curricular highlights, best practices, and how students are helping to shape virtual learning for a memorable, collaborative academic experience.

Math students

Mathematics research and networking will be the main focus of the 4th annual Southern California Discrete Mathematics Symposium to be held May 4 at CMC’s Freeberg Forum.

The conference is highlighted by eight research talks on topics like algebraic combinatorics, prime number theory, combinatorial game theory, and numerical semigroups. Students will also display their research during a poster session.

CMC Mathematics faculty

By Tom Johnson

At a panel discussion at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum last Wednesday on new ideas in mathematics, the professors were out to prove something that had nothing to do with complex theorems and the kinds of postulates only numbers geeks can love.

Instead, in “Math for the New Millennium: Ideas that Change the World,” CMC mathematics professors Asuman Aksoy P ‘05, Blake Hunter, Chiu-Ken Kao and Lenny Fukshansky endeavored to show how – in mathematics – what goes around, comes around.

Dreier Roundtable group

Video of conference (3/26)


Screenshot 2014-07-23 09.15.17 Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics Lenny Fukshansky


Associate Professor of Mathematics Sam Nelson has received a prestigious Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians from the Simons Foundation.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Deanna Needell Assistant Professor of Mathematics Deanna Needell

Assistant professor of mathematical sciences and computer science Deanna Needell first saw the image of Lena in a computer science class in college. The photo, cropped from a Playboy magazine, shows a young female model with bare shoulders looking seductively at the camera.

“I was literally the only female in this classroom with 30 men,” says Needell. “They open their textbooks and there’s Lena, and all the men start giggling. You just feel like ‘Oh, my gosh, this woman is being materialized (in a textbook)…’ “