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Timeline for Applying to Graduate Programs

Suggested Timelines

For students who want to apply to graduate or professional programs during their final year at CMC, we recommend following the suggested timeline outlined below.

Junior Summer

  • Begin researching available programs
    • Review graduate school guides/directories
    • Request promotional materials
    • Visit schools' websites
    • Talk to faculty/alumni/current students in the program
  • Start exploring funding resources
  • Take a practice graduate school exam (if required)
  • Sign up for the graduate school exam (if required)
  • Write the first draft of your personal statement
  • Request your letters of recommendation from faculty
  • Order an unofficial transcript and correct any discrepancies
  • Take the required graduate school exam (if required)

Senior Fall

  • Order official transcripts
  • Convert your resume into CV format (if required)
  • Write final draft of your personal statement and seek out reviewers for honest feedback, e.g., the Center for Writing and Public Discourse
  • Complete and submit your applications (deadlines in the U.S. tend to occur in December, January and February). For rolling deadlines, earlier applications have a better chance of accessing funding from the program
  • Apply for the financial aid available through the graduate program: assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, etc.

Senior Spring

  • Complete and submit federal and state financial aid applications
  • Attend interviews if invited
  • Visit prospective campuses if possible and talk to faculty and students to help you make your final decision
  • Follow up with schools to make sure your file is complete
  • After receiving acceptance from the school of your choice, send in the required deposit and contact other schools to decline acceptances
  • Write thank you notes to all the people who helped you

Next Step to Apply to Graduate School

4. Complete Your Application

Use this guide to help you gather all required elements and submit your application.

See Application Basics

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