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The Open Academy reinforces CMC Commitments. The CMC Commitments to Freedom of Expression, Viewpoint Diversity, and Constructive Dialogue are interdependent.

Free expression alone without a commitment to listen to different viewpoints cannot overcome the challenges of our time. Argument without the commitment to constructive dialogue to find common ground cannot bridge what divides us. Consensus that shuts down full expression and debate cannot create durable solutions.

The Open Academy mission is rooted in the interconnected and dynamic values we call the CMC Commitments:
  1. Freedom of Expression; We provide students with the historical, social, and academic frameworks for understanding the principles of free expression and open inquiry, thus building the foundations necessary for later mastery.
  2. Viewpoint Diversity; We provide students with persistent opportunities to expand their capabilities in the challenging work of engaging diverse viewpoints and people, encouraging free expression and open inquiry as they do so.
  3. Constructive Dialogue; These habits of heart and mind are difficult to learn, and even more difficult to master. Doing so requires authentic opportunities to practice and apply constructive dialogue and creative problem solving in tackling real world concerns.

Accordingly, Claremont McKenna College commits to strengthen the effectiveness in practice of the policies, programs, pedagogies and dedicated training that develop these responsive capabilities to the next generation of emerging leaders. Read CMC’s Board of Trustees Statement in Support of Institutional Nonpartisanship.

In addition, CMC’s Board of Trustees has endorsed the University of Chicago’s Kalven Report as consistent with this Statement in Support of Institutional Nonpartisanship.

To speak freely and listen well.
To make the best from our disagreements.
To find common ground beneath our divisions.
In sum, to strengthen the national practice of our democracy.

This is the educational imperative of our time. Importantly, these have always been core commitments of CMC.

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I have a passion for freedom of inquiry, freedom of expression, and academic freedom. I can think of no other liberal arts college that pursues these important values with more vigor and balance across differing viewpoints…we educate our students to take critical inquiry seriously and to debate differences of opinion in a civilized fashion.”

Pamela Gann
CMC’s 4th President
Convocation Address
September 4, 2012

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