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Claremont McKenna College has been in the news recently due to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by CMC Prof. Christopher Nadon. As this site reflects, academic freedom is an absolute priority for CMC. The College fully endorses the Chicago Principles and takes them a step further through our Open Academy.

As CMC President Hiram Chodosh states in his WSJ Letter to the Editor, CMC has never demanded, censured, banned, censored, or otherwise caused any adverse reaction in response to faculty speech in the classroom during his nine-year tenure as president.

Although Prof. Nadon claims he was banned “from teaching any required courses into the future, seemingly into perpetuity,” he was never barred from teaching, never under investigation, never censored, and never censured. Nor were any other faculty.

For your reference, here are links to current news articles on the topic:

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  • WSJ Letter to the Editor open_in_new (Chodosh) Claremont McKenna Responds on Academic Freedom: Prof. Christopher Nadon was never barred from teaching published on Friday, Aug. 26 and print on Saturday, Aug. 27.
  • WSJ Letter to the Editor open_in_new (Nadon) How Not to Protect Free Speech in the Classroom: The Claremont McKenna president broadcasts uninvestigated, anonymous student allegations to the media published on Sunday, Aug. 28.
  • CMC's Letter to FIRE open_in_new (Chodosh) Claremont McKenna College Response to FIRE published on Tuesday, Sep. 6 (FIRE redacted most evidence provided).
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