Government Professor George Thomas

As colleges and universities open their doors for a new academic year, a recent commentary in The Chronicle of Higher Education sounds a discouraging note.

Today, writes Stephen Herr in “It’s Harder Now to Change Students’ Lives, but No Less Important,” students are encountering curricula and programming that are “becoming ever more routinized.” 

He likens much of the world of higher education to the fast-food industry.

Dear Members of the CMC Community:

I am pleased to announce that Peter Uvin, who currently serves as Provost and Professor of Political Science at Amherst College, has been selected as our new Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. Peter will succeed Nick Warner, to whom we are all deeply grateful for his effective and thoughtful leadership during a successful two-year transition.

There’s an old motivational saying that goes: It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. When you run the LA Marathon in record heat, the question quickly becomes – if you finish.

CMC President Hiram E. Chodosh CMC President Hiram E. Chodosh

Dear CMC Community:

Happy 2015 and welcome back to campus!

I hope that each of you enjoyed a rejuvenating holiday break.

We look forward to a rewarding spring semester.

Former CMC Trustee Andrea Rich Former CMC Trustee Andrea Rich

Congratulations. You may be seated. Chairman McMahon, Dr. Brainard, Dean Warner, faculty, trustees, alumni, families, friends and especially this outstanding Class of 2014, it is a privilege to stand here before all of you today to look out and see the faces of so many who belong to our CMC family.


Today President Hiram Chodosh presented Claremont McKenna College’s (CMC) new initiative, The Student Imperative, at a White House

NOTHING SERVES  as a better metaphor for Hiram Chodosh’s approach to people, and to his role as CMC president, than the image of a table. For him, tables reflect the essence of the collaborative process.

September 3, 2013

Dear CMC Community:

Welcome back to school!

It is a wonderful feeling for me to welcome you, as you have been so welcoming to my family over the past several months.

After all of the student internships, faculty research projects, and staff planning and campus renovations, it is exciting to start the fresh cycle of a new school year.