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In late spring of 2020, Prof. Amy Kind, director of the Gould Center for Humanistic Studies, was contemplating how her students’ lives were being upended and impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their academic projects were on hold, their internships cancelled. To help mitigate the disappointment, and to help them cope, she decided to implement a plan for students to explore “something about the pandemic that we are all living through, by doing their own research and development.”

Daniel Michon and Ashley Sanders

The Taxila archeological site lies in perilous territory in northwest Pakistan. So even the best-connected researchers wishing to explore the ruins seldom make the trip. For an undergraduate, the risk and expense would be unthinkable.

Now, Claremont Colleges students can do the next-best thing: through a new Digital Humanities initiative, inaccessible sites like Taxila can be explored virtually on computers in Honnold Library.

Professor Bjornlie and students visit the Getty Villa

Claremont McKenna is known for bringing textbook learning to life, and sometimes one need look no further than the metropolis right at our doorstep.

Forty-five students from Professor Shane Bjornlie’s Roman history classes and from the 5C classical studies program spent a day perusing the antiquities collection at the Getty Villa on April 10. The excursion was funded by CMC's Mellon Foundation grant. 

Assistant Professor of History Lily Geismer Assistant Professor of History Lily Geismer

Park[1] Prof. Albert Park

Claremont students at Getty Villa

Forty students took the opportunity to visit ancient Greece and Rome right in Los Angeles at the antiquities collection of the Getty Villa, Nov. 23. Associate Professor of Roman and Late Antique History Shane Bjornlie led the expedition.

“Students joining the trip represent a cross-section from the five Claremont Colleges, each of whom is currently enrolled in courses that contribute to the History and Classical Studies programs at CMC,” said Bjornlie, who is a former Fellow of Ancient Studies at the American Academy in Rome.