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Kevin Moffet-Wf-M.Music-MACD-11, 226, #050 Prof. Kevin Moffett

A recent article in The Los Angeles Times may have one of the better summaries of why a novel co-authored by Kevin Moffett remains rare and special more than two years since its publication:

20150108 Thomas-WLentz photo3 Thomas W. Lentz '74

LOST RECORDINGS: Hank Williams in 1951. LOST RECORDINGS PRODUCED BY OMNIVORE: Hank Williams in 1951.

letters of robert frost, volume IHere are a couple of important questions to consider at this time of year:

Piercarlo Valdesolo Piercarlo Valdesolo

Jonathan Rosenberg Jonathan Rosenberg

Jonathan Rosenberg ’83 P’14 has co-written a new book based on what he learned while helping build a global icon: Google.

guests at dinner talk

Mussorgsky, Mt. Baldy, childhood memories — a new mural by acclaimed artist Mary Weatherford captures a range of her emotions and reactions, especially her responses to Claremont's landscape and environment.

Tuesday night the mural's installation in the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum was celebrated with a dinner and talk held in the Security Pacific Dining room, where the 117" high x 234 " wide canvas covers an entire section of the room's southern wall.

220px-Lech_Walesa_-_2009 Lech Walesa in 2009