President Hiram Chodosh is quoted in today’s Los Angeles Times, in a piece recapping yesterday’s White House summit on college opportunity. Chodosh attended the summit alongside leaders from over 100 other colleges and universities––all of them committing to better college accessibility and affordability for disadvantaged students.


Landesa, the 2006 recipient of the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership and nominated as one of the top NGOs in the world, has been advocating the UN on the issue of land rights and also received accolades at the recent Clinton Global Initiative Meeting. The organization created an infographic and accompanying op-ed on the issue of land rights and how land rights support a host of other important development efforts.

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, CMC will co-host (along with UCLA) the fourth annual CMC-UCLA Inland Empire Forecast Conference.

As in the past, the Forecast will present the latest independent quarterly economic projections for the nation, state and region, introducing GDP estimates for the Inland Empire and its major cities.

Robert Day logo

Class of 2016 Robert Day Scholars

BA Scholars (5C)

BA/MA Scholars (CMC)

Information Sessions:

Tuesday & Wednesday

October 1 and 2, 2013

CMC Pickford Auditorium

4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

The Robert Day Scholars programs focus on finance, accounting and leadership. Co-curricular leadership development activities are an integral part of the program, as is dedicated career development support.

Nate Silver

Statistician-extraordinaire Nate Silver spoke to a packed audience at the Athenaeum on Thursday, Sept. 19, about how we look at data and information, sharing insights from his famously accurate predictions of the state-by-state outcomes of the 2012 Presidential election, and conveying some best practices for accurately analyzing and using data and information, separating the “signals” from the “noise.”

Eric Liu

Former White House speechwriter and Deputy Domestic Policy Advisor, Eric Liu spoke at the Athenaeum on Thursday, September 12. The title of his talk was  “Democracy is for Amateurs.”

Speaking to an audience of mostly CMC freshmen as this year’s freshman class speaker, Liu began with the question “What does it mean to be a citizen?”

Liu outlined two “moments of truth”—that facing the Millennial generation in defining itself instead of allowing others to define it, and a moment of truth for the country.

Living on a Dollar a Day video screenshot

Living on One’s “Change Series” launched its first two mini episodes on Sept. 3. This is an eight-part series following the experiences of Chris Temple ’12, Zach Ingrasci ’12, Sean Leonard and Ryan Christofferson, who lived on a mere $1 a day for eight weeks in rural Guatemala. Each episode focuses on a specific and pressing development topic faced by the young men (and their community), including access to clean water, nutrition, education, employment, finance and disasters. Each segment is paired with additional resources to help viewers take action.

Students in Finance 300 stand outside the offices of Deloitte Consulting in San Francisco.

The word "intensive" has taken on new meaning for a group of highly motivated CMC students who were enrolled this month in FIN 300: Seminar in Applied Finance, a course in the Masters Program in Finance at CMC.

The three-week course (which ended August 30) offered through CMC’s Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, differs from other classes in that it includes a team-building retreat in Big Bear and a networking trip to the Bay area.

Brentt Baltimore

Some people can’t quite figure Brentt Baltimore ’10. Others, when they find out the work he does and what he’s sacrificed to do it, know all they need to know about what kind of a guy he is.

You see, Baltimore, 24, is making news for having turned down a six-figure job at a Los Angeles hedge fund in favor of a $33,000-a-year position at a venture capital firm in Detroit––despite having $38,000 in student loan debt.