Language Resident Program

Program Overview

The Resident Program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures annually hosts language residents from diverse corners of the globe, including Korea, Colombia, Brazil, Syria, France and beyond. Designed to support learners of Spanish, Korean, Arabic, French, and Portuguese, our language residents serve as invaluable resources for language acquisition. Through conversational courses, language conversation tables, and a variety of cultural events both on and off campus, they enrich the linguistic and cultural landscape of our community. Beyond their instructional roles, our language residents eagerly share their cultural heritage with the campus community, offering unique insights into their homelands and fostering a deeper appreciation for global diversity.

Meet Our Language Residents

Breno Salluz
Breno Salluz

Portuguese Language Resident

I am a language teacher from Belo Horizonte, Brazil with an English bachelor's degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). As language and culture are intrinsically related, I’ve always aimed to make the learning process an interesting and personal experience for students and tried to mirror that same diversity in my career path. I have worked at UFMG’s language course, been part of a tutoring project for unprivileged students, given private classes and helped develop a newspaper archive collection at Belo Horizonte’s public library. The opportunity to teach Portuguese as a Fulbright FLTA at the Claremont Colleges has given me the chance to develop my skills as a teacher while sharing interesting, important aspects of Brazilian culture and finding connections that highlight what makes each student’s story special.

Anya Doglio
Anya Doglio

French Language Resident

Hello everyone, I am Anya Doglio from Bordeaux, France. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in English Studies in remote learning from France while I work at CMC as a Language Resident. I give conversation classes to students of all levels in French and organize cultural events with the French Club. We do movie night every week, language tables and we even went to a concert together! Teaching here is a real opportunity for me as my long-term goal is to be a teacher-researcher in France. The experience I gained here is very precious to me. I feel so honored to get the chance to share French culture and explain it to students. Outside of the classroom, I am fond of literature of all types: poetry, novels, short-story… I also take anthropology classes at Pitzer because that is the field in which I want to do research in the future. I am passionate about sociolinguistics and how any language works, evolves, and is influenced by others. My master's thesis will be on the representation of American Indigenous Shamanism in movies and novels. My interests are broad and that’s why I’m so lucky to be here. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information on upcoming French events or simply to practice French. À bientôt!

Maria Fernada
Maria Fernanda Londoño Ramo

Spanish Language Resident

From a young age, I embraced a life of constant movement, hopping from city to city across Colombia. This nomadic lifestyle didn't just shape me but instilled in me a profound appreciation for diversity and people with different backgrounds and unique stories. It's not hard to believe why, years later, I ended up majoring in Languages and Culture with a minor in Psychology, right? Becoming the Spanish Resident at Claremont McKenna is a dream come true, as I am genuinely honored to be an ambassador of the cultural and linguistic richness of the Spanish language. My teaching philosophy relies on two important aspects: cultural awareness and open-minded appreciation. That’s why I always aim to explore subtle cultural aspects in the classroom, reminding my students that language is a doorway to understanding the realities and experiences of others, and even their own. Outside the classroom, I'm a passionate dancer, writer, and a culinary explorer of Colombian dishes. My love for dancing, writing, and cooking is more than a personal interest—it's a heartfelt desire to honor and share the cultural gems of my country with others. So, feel free to reach out if you want to chat about languages, share dance moves, swap writing stories, or savor some delicious Colombian dishes. ¡Nos vemos!

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Language Learning Tables 

The objective of the language tables are to encourage students to speak in their language of study and practice the language in real life situations and conversations. This is a great way for students to interact with the language residents and get to know them better.  Over lunch, students find way to speak about their languages, culture, student life, or just about their daily activities.  It is more relaxed than the classroom environment so students are more inclined to interact and work through their mistakes.  The tables also create ties between students from differing classes and levels.

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